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A new music parody online video show called Key Of Awesome is teaming up with Weezer to find the best new music comedy video and you have a say too!!
More than 1,000 nominees have been submitted, with judges narrowing the final list down to a dozen. If you votes in the contest anytime before Sunday (Feb 7) you are automatically eligible to win a signed guitar from Weezer!!! Not only that, you also give the director of the winning clip a chance to make a cameo in Weezer’s next music video!! Sweet!!

Winners to be announced on February 10th. You know you want that guitar — GO VOTE NOW!!!

Sulli ๐Ÿ˜‰


Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was hospitalized yesterday (December 6th) in upstate New York after his tour bus crashed. The bus was on its way from Toronto to Boston, when it hit a patch of black ice and slid across the highway before landing in a ditch.

Cuomo was taken to Hospital after EMTs used the jaws of life to remove him from the back lounge of the bus, where he had been sealed inside due to internal damage to the vehicle. According to the band’s website, he sustained three broken ribs, an injury to his lower leg and some internal injuries, which were said to be minor.

Check out the photos of the accident HERE

Their December tour dates have been cancelled.

Ok, now this has to be the best CD release campain ever! Weezer chose to go Snuggie on us!

With every purchase of the Weezer Snuggie, you get a free copie of Raditude — their new album out in store today!

I want both!
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Weezer is known for its eccentric videos and this new one for their I Want You To single is no different!! The clip, shot by 500 Days Of Summer director Marc Webb, takes place in the town of Weezerville — where all the residents look suspiciously like members of the band. All goes haywire when the conformist, 1950s vibe is shattered by the arrival of a bombshell (played by Cloverfield star Odette Yustman). That’s when the men of Weezerville go a little mad and shoot arrows at each other, drive trucks over each other and wield chainsaws in their quest to get the girl.


Ahhhh what men will do to get the girl!! lol

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