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Check out the latest Virgin Fest interview with Lights.

Kim Sullivan and Heather B with Lights


OMG — I feel like I am starting all blogs like that, but the OMGs are getting bigger and bigger!! This one is an OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!

The dream of every girl/woman in Montreal just went down for Heather B, Mel Mancuso (our promo goddess), Nadia L (our savvy net chick) and myself! We just met the one, the only, the gorgeous New Kids on The Block!!!

Cat Spencer led the interview as we girls kinda giggled — they were so relaxed… soooooo relax that at one point Jordan grabbed the mic to joke around and turned it off!!! LOL Oups!!! So we only have a fragment of the interview… oh well! Ask any of us girls, we are replaying it in our head none stop!!!

The best part was at the end–Danny told Heather that he wanted her Virgin sweather… how could she say no?! She gave it to him and he called us back to take a picture. Check it out:


OMG — Heather and I just interviewed Lights and I got to say, she is by far the sweetest, coolest individual to be!!! She was so easy to interview, I just can’t wait to see her on stage!

I had this diamond ring pop and she was jealous of me (yep–of me), so I became her new best friend when I produced another one (Heather’s!!!!!) and gave it to her!! haha It then started a whole diamond ring pop trend, check out this photo:

Sweet!!!!! Literally!!!!


Wow!!! It all I can say! I had never been to this sort of multi-artists outdoor concert at Parc Jean Drapeau and I was blown away by what V-Fest had to offer!!! First off, the site is incredible and has so much to offer! The VIP sections are quite sweet and the atmosphere was electrifying!!

I got there in time to see the New Cities, Hedley and Simple Plan — all three the perfect set up for the closing event of day 1: Black Eyed Peas!! WOW!!!! Fergie and the boys blew me away–they are amazing live! The crowd went nuts as they sang all their major hits and some new singles off their new album. Check out some of the action:

Can’t wait for today — Divine Brown, Karl Wolf, David Usher, Akon, NKOTB!!!! Woohooo!!

I could not resist to post this High School yearbook picture of Kanye West. I was surprised to find out he graduated the same year I did (1995) and check out how innocent he looked back then!!! Not nearly as cool as now, but you had to guess that he’d be hot later in life!!

I also found this photo. Guess who she is… she graduated in 1993 from Glen Wilson Hish School in Hacienda Heights, California.

It’s Stacey Ferguson!!!! Yep– THAT’S FERGIE!!!!!! What a change!

Don’t miss your chance to see Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas as they close off day 1 of Virgin Festival Montreal tonight!!! See you there!