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Apparently, U2 guitarist The Edge’s 13-year-old daughter Sian is now free of the leukemia she has battled for years.
In 2006, 8 year-old Sian was diagnosed with the disease, forcing the band to postpone a leg of its Vertigo tour at the time. She underwent more than four years of treatment at facilities in Los Angeles and Dublin, where The Edge and his family have homes, and has now apparently made a full recovery. What good news!

The Edge’s wife, Morleigh Steinberg, said in an interview, “You’re in shock then you just go into survival mode. The whole thing is hell but at the same time you stay positive and you really live.”

Steinberg added, “You live more because you don’t want to take anything for granted. She’s through it and she’s fine.”
I can’t even start imagining how a parent could feel knowing that their child is sick… My thoughts go out to all going through such a situation and this story is one of hope! Keep fighting!
Kim 😉

Is Bono going into politics? Not really, but former British Prime Minister Tony Blair thinks he would be great in the job!

In his new memoir, A Journey, Blair writes that Bono “could have been a president or prime minister standing on his head. He had an absolutely natural gift for politicking, was great with people, very smart and an inspirational speaker . . . motivated by an abundant desire to keep on improving, never really content or relaxed.”

Bono has been heavily involved in political, social and international causes over the course of his career — focusing mostly on hunger, AIDS and poverty in Africa + other parts of the Third World.

U2 guitarist The Edge told us that U2’s successes as a band and activists have allowed Bono to be an effective lobbyist for change: “I’m just really proud, I suppose, of him, and proud of the fact that our band — and our work — has created this environment where it’s possible for him to walk into some of these corridors of power and actually get people to take him seriously.”

Do you think Bono would be a good politician? Could he make a good Prime Minister?

Are there any rock stars out there you’d like to see run for office?

Kim 😉

U2 is back!!
After Bono injured his back last May and underwent emergency surgery, many of their world tour dates had to be cancelled… Turin was the lucky city for U2’s first comeback concert date on August 6th & fans were not disapointed!! Bono was back with full force and U2 even treated fans to three new songs!
Among the new tracks was a song called “Glastonbury,” (written for their planned headlining appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in late June, which was then among those dates canceled/postponed). The other two included an acoustic ballad “North Star” and a four-minute, unfinished live intro piece called “Return Of The Stingray Guitar.” 

Watch clips from U2’s comeback performance, including part of “Return of the Stingray Guitar”: 

Watch the band perform “Glastonbury”:  

Pretty cool!
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I was scared this would happen when I heard the news last week that Bono had injured his back during a rehersal for U2’s World Tour and was rushed to the hospital for surgery… The kickoff date was postponed at that time and speculations that the rest of the tour would be affected floated around… Well, they are no longer speculations…

Let’s hear it all together: ”NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

YESSSS… sorry to be the barer of bad news, but Bono requires a “minimum” of eight weeks to recuperate, so U2 has now OFFICIALLY cancelled their Canadian Tour… If you feel relieved as you were smart enough to buy tickets to see them in the States, well… those dates are cancelled too! The whole North American tour is now on the backburner until sometime in 2011.

I guess fronting the most massive tour in recent history truly is backbreaking labour…

Kim 😉

What do Coldplay, Kid Rock, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, Sting, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, Wyclef Jean, members of U2 & more than 100 big names in film/television have in common?!?!

They are all scheduled to perform, appear and/or answer phone on Hope For Haiti Now, a global telethon scheduled to air tomorrow (Friday Jan 22) at 7pm (CT) on a multitude of TV channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, HBO, MTV, CMT, ect…

Hope For Haiti Now aims to be the biggest worldwide telethon in history!!! All the musical performances on the program will be available for purchase for 99 cents per song through iTunes (beginning on Saturday) with all proceeds benefiting Haiti relief funds.

Make sure you set your PVR cause you don’t want to miss this!!!
Sulli 😉