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Did you see this photo of Alanis Morissette’s newborn son — Ever Imre?! What a cutie!
Alanis tweeted the photo last week & summed it up in a single word: “Amazing,” she wrote. 

Alanis and husband Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway welcomed baby Ever on Xmas day. Days after his birth, she Tweeted that she was “moved beyond words and so grateful” and “so in love with my new nuclear family.”

Cute & congrats!

Kim 😉


TwitChange is the only global celebrity auction changing the world one tweet at a time!
Twitter users can bid to get three things: be followed by their favorite celebrity on Twitter, retweeted by them or mentioned by them in a special tweet! There are even mega package where you can get all 3!!

All proceeds from the TwitChange celebrity auction will provide the means to ?nish rebuilding the Miriam Center. The Miriam Center houses, educates and loves on Haitian children with cerebral palsy, severe autism, and other major life challenges and is one of the only facilities of its kind in Haiti.

SO MANY celebrities are donating their tweets, RT & Follows, plus some have put in a little extra for you! 



Kim 😉

It’s Back to School time!!!

If you are not yet sure about what kind of degree you would like to pursue, here’s an original one: a school in England is trying to entice students with a degree in social media!!

Yep! For £4,000 a year (that’s about 7126$ here), you can get a degree in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. from the Birmingham City University.

Not surprising, with the economic meltdown happening a bit everywhere, the program is pretty controversial!! So, naturally, where will you find the most debates on the topic from critics?! On Twitter of course!!!!! How ironic!!!

Some modules will teach students how to start a blog and podcast techniques.

“It’s a complete waste of university resources. It’s of no interest to me whatsoever. Virtually all of the content of this course is so basic it can be self-taught.” (Jamie Waterman, 20, a Birmingham-based student)

The course convener, Jon Hickman, responded to media coverage of the course via tweet, saying it was not for “IT geeks”…

What your thoughts?! I have part of me that thinks this is kinda brilliant because of the way our world is depending on social media. HOWEVER, an actually university degree on the topic…. uhmmmmm… it’s kinda like offering a degree in email 10 years ago!

This is for anyone who has ever complained that Twitter only allows for 140 characters per tweet: WOOFER! After the era of microblogging, here’s macroblogging!

Contrarily to Twitter, Woofer requires each post to have a minimum of 1400 characters!!!! hahaha It’s hilarious! The website is an exact carbon copy of Twitter with the “What are you doing?”, the little definition box, the popular topics… There’s even that familiar countdown of the characters in big red numbers at the top right of the screen! However, in this case, it’s woofs instead of tweets and you cannot post until you have hit the 1400 mark!

Be warned though, you can’t just woof anything! Woofer does require a least some level of originality! I tried to woof by typing the letter “w” 1400 times! not only was my woof refused, but I received this note: NO WOOF. Really?! 1400 characters and you can only use w? You can do better than that…” Witty little buggars!

Check out this website for an actually LIVE minute count of the activity on Twitter!

No kidding, this website shows you the amount of tweets being done as we speak and since the inauguration of Twitter!!!!!!! Being the dork I am, I took out my stopwatch and calculated that it only takes 7.2 sec for 1000 tweets to be posted! How nuts is that!?

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She is not the likeliest person to become an overnight sensation, but that is exactly why she is gaining popularity!

Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old church volunteer from a small village in Scotland, admits to have never been kissed, never been married & loves her cat Pebbles the most! She stepped onto Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent stage last Saturday and, after getting cynical looks from the crowd/host/judges, STUNNED them all with her singing skills!!!

7 million Youtube hits later, Hollywood actress Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher have joined the legions of fans who have voiced their support on the internet. They even twitted about it!!

Susan has also become the bookies’ favourite to win the talent show.

Check it out: Susan Boyle stuns BGT judges

OMG — this is exactly how I feel about Twitter!!! I’m a real life female version of Derek!!

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