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Do you believe in reincarnation? This 10-year-old’s story might change your mind on the topic… he is pretty convincing!

tdy_cynthia_reincarnation_150316.blocks_desktop_largeIt started with nightmares of Hollywood at the age of 4 & later Ryan looked at a still from an early Hollywood movie, pointed out some random obscure extra and said, “That’s me. That’s who I was.” Yep… Ryan believes that he’s the reincarnation of an obscure old-time Hollywood figure named Marty Martyn, and he’s been citing eerily accurate facts to back up his claims. Facts that even google would have a hard time finding!

  • Martyn had in fact danced on Broadway
  • He worked at an agency where stage names were often created for new clients
  • He traveled overseas to Paris
  • He lived at 825 North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills
  • How many children Martyn had
  • How many times he was married
  • Martyn’s own daughter didn’t even know that her father had two sisters, but Ryan provided the information

Under examination, a doctor was able to confirm 55 of the factual details that Ryan divulged about his past life as Marty Martyn, who died in 1964 at the age of 61. In fact, an issue regarding Martyn’s age would actually be proven by Ryan, whose claim exposed a mistake in the acknowledged records.

Watch this:

Could it just be his parents telling him what to say? Mom claims that growing up in a Baptist church — the concept of reincarnation would go against her religious beliefs. The amount of research involved in the fabrication of these memories would be extremely extensive… and why?! For 15min of fame?


Kim 😉


These two teen boys are so talented that they will give you goosebumps… You might even shed a tear!

I will admit that I am not a big fan of rap but these two immediately made me think of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! Musical duo Charlie Lenehan (15) and Leondre Devries (13) call themselves “Bars & Melody”. Their recent audition for “Britain’s Got Talent”  was not only a VERY powerful anti-bullying message that saw the crowd go nuts, it has exploded on the internet! Over 22 million people have watched their performance in the last 10 days!

Leondre says that he started rapping because he was having a hard time in primary school. He was getting bullied… when he would get home, he would write… BEAUTIFULLY I might add!

Their talent, their lyrics, their demeanor, their incredible performance — the whole package! Watch what happens and how Simon reacts:

Don’t you hope these guys go far?!

Kim 😉

You got to love shows like America’s Got Talent where there is such a variety of talent to be discovered! This 14 year old boy is waiting for just that — to be discovered and maybe become Australia’s own Justin Bieber (not the best example behaviour wise if you ask me, but career wise–good choice of mentor!)

Does he have what it takes? The judges were not too sure Jack Vidgen could pull it off his choice of song… none of them were expecting THIS to happen:

Now that is pretty incredible, no?!

Jack ended up winning the 5th season of the show.

Kim 😉

OMG!!! If only I could dance 1/16th as good as these little munchkins, I’d be ecstatic! In honour of Cinco de Mayo, I share with you… drum roll please… The salsa Shakes!

How amazing are these tiny latin dancers?!

Kim 😉

Over 5 million people probably feel REALLY old after watching this latest viral video that shows kids reacting to a technology that was so utterly amazing back in the 80s = the walkman!

Try not to laugh watching these kids attempting to understand how this “prehistoric” technology works:

OUCH! Don’t you feel old now?!

Kim 😉

I was hoping that this was a bad belated-April-fool joke, but no! This actually exists!

kfccorsagecloseupIt’s always the same deal when prom comes around — > kids guilt their parents into buying over-priced dresses, save up all year to hire a limo, and, of course, dream of being asked to go by the hottest guy in school.

But now, you have options when it comes to the sort of corsage you get the lucky lady!

I guess KFC was not content to just be a restaurant… They wanted in on the craziness that is prom! Hence, the KFC corsage!!!!!!!!!

Launched in collaboration with a Kentucky-based florist, the corsage costs $20 and comprises a spray of baby’s breath and a $5 KFC voucher (due to freshness issues). Thank God, there isn’t really chicken on the wrist!

By this video they are obviously making it a joke, but I’m ready to bet many will actually buy into this:

What do you think?

Kim 😉

This is GREAT!

A Boston agency posted a job listing online for a “Director of Operations” position at a company called Rhetom Inc. Some of the requirements for the job were that you had to be able to stand all day with no breaks, degrees in medicine and finance, workloads were to go up on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas… BRUTAL!

Yet, 24 people applied on this job and got interviews for it. They were in for quite the surprise… Their real-time reaction was caught on camera. It’s worth watching the video until the end:

How amazing — great marketing for a card company!

With Mothers Day a month away — think about thanking YOUR mom! Maybe with a card?!

Kim 😉