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Some of the biggest names in music came out last night (Sunday, Jan31) for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. The ladies ruled the evening — with Beyonce and Taylor Swift both taking home top honors!

Beyonce led the pack with 10 nods & ended up making history for the most wins by a female artist in a single Grammy night by scoring six trophies (incl. song of the year for “Single Ladies”). Swift entered with eight nominations and left with four, including one of the event’s most prestigious awards — album of the year! Not sure I understand that win, but hey…

Other big winners: Kings of Leon scored record of the year for “Use Somebody.” The Black Eyed Peas won three awards, including best pop vocal album for The E.N.D., and Jay-Z took home three –one for best rap solo performance and two awards for “Run This Town” with Rihanna and Kanye West (who was a no show).


1) Lady Gaga & Elton John’s duet:

2) Pink should be part of Cirque du Soleil:

3) Green Day scored big singing with the cast of their Broadway version of American Idiot (and with a Grammy for Best Rock Album):

Finally, special mention goes to the duet of Mary J Blige and Andrea Bocelli — a song that can be downloaded for Haiti relief and just poured chills down my spine:

There you go! Grammy Awards 2010 in a nut shell!

Sulli 😉


What do Coldplay, Kid Rock, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, Sting, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, Wyclef Jean, members of U2 & more than 100 big names in film/television have in common?!?!

They are all scheduled to perform, appear and/or answer phone on Hope For Haiti Now, a global telethon scheduled to air tomorrow (Friday Jan 22) at 7pm (CT) on a multitude of TV channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, HBO, MTV, CMT, ect…

Hope For Haiti Now aims to be the biggest worldwide telethon in history!!! All the musical performances on the program will be available for purchase for 99 cents per song through iTunes (beginning on Saturday) with all proceeds benefiting Haiti relief funds.

Make sure you set your PVR cause you don’t want to miss this!!!
Sulli 😉

Rihanna looks none too pleased as security at Los Angeles Airport give her a going over.

She was quite annoyed after being asked to remove her coat @ LAX
She looks miserable as a security officer informs her she will have to be searched!!
Get on with it: Rihanna stretches out her arms as the guard searches her.
Maybe her hair pins set off the security alarms!!! lol
Rihanna looked pleased to put her hooded coat back on–icognito again!

Oh smarten up Rihanna! We have to go through it too!!!
Sulli 😉

Thank God for Lady Gaga! She was one of the many performers at the AMAs last night and I gotta say, probably the only one that can sing live! I don’t know if it was the room, the sound system or just that these people can’t sing without a studio equalizing their voices… Rihanna sucked, Alicia Keys truly disappointed, even Timbaland and Nelly Furtado couldn’t step up… and let’s not even go there with Adam Lambert — WHAT was that!?

Thank God for Green Day & Eminem (never thought I’d say that about Eminem); they sounded good!! However, the performance of the night went to Lady Gaga. No idea what she was wearing or thinking with those dance moves, but it was good and entertaining! Check it out:

****Take note of a little fake something in the front of her lower area. I say kudos to her for making fun of herself and the little penis rumor that spread a few months about her.

Sulli 😉

Hey guys!

It feels good to be back! Even though I was only gone a week, it feels like I’ve been off the air an eternity! I truly took advantage of my “birthday week” to refuel & relax and I am now ready to chit chat with you about all and everything!! What a better way to get back into it than with this topic:

Chris Brown FINALLY appologizes for what he did to Rihanna!!! Check out this video he posted of his website:

I was quite upset about this not happening before… I guess I feel better now knowing it was not his decision, but his legal teams… but do you feel like this video is scripted or do you think that Chris Brown is really honest here?!

Two big couples with 2 big stories, kinda came to 2 big conclusions last night…

First off, Jon & Kate Gosselin’s big announcement was no surprise — 10 days after their 10th year anniversary, the couple announced their official separation with divorce papers already being filed. Honestly, I think it is a shame. Eight children are involved and I have part of me who truly believes that this family might still be together if it were not for the show. Kate always seemed to want it more, act out for the cameras, taking it out on Jon — makes you wonder what would have been…

Jon called yesterday’s episode his “hardest” show ever.

So how are they going to be doing this?! The kids will remain at their $1.1 million home in Reading, Pa., with Kate and “Jon will also come here when it is his days, and we will flip-flop that way.”


Secondly, it was Rihanna’s big day in court yesterday; ready to testify against Chris Brown. Well, that did not happen!!! Chris Brown pleaded guilty, as part of a plea bargain, to one count of felony assault against Rihanna.

In exchange for the plea, Chris received 5 years probation, 180 days of hard labour community service, he must obey a protective order (he cannot harm or harass Rihanna) and a stay-away order (he must stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna — who thought this was unnecessary and had it reduced to 10 yards if at a public event). Finally, Chris brown will have to go into domestic violence counseling.

The judge pushed it one step further, adding a two-way order preventing Rihanna from ever contacting Chris!

Chris will be officially sentenced August 5th.

Rihanna’s latest song, “Silly Boy” is destined to be played non-stop over the radio airwaves and I’m sure Chris Brown is not looking forward to it! Not only does Rihanna team up with Lady GaGa on the track, but she completely rips into her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown!!

If Brown was hoping that Rihanna would take him back and not help nail him in court for his brutal assault, this song sends a very clear message.

Is this a bit of retaliation and payback after nude pictures of Rihanna surfaced over the internet. Chris Brown denies having anything to do with it, but really?!?! Do we believe him!?!

Kanye posted the demo on his blog, listen in!

The lyrics to Rihanna’s “Silly Boy” are as follows:

“I said I’m not coming back. You fooled me once but you can’t have that ego turning.
“Just too bad for you, that when you had me. Didn’t know what to do, she’s over you.
“’Cause you had a good girl, good girl, girl. That’s a keeper. You had a good girl, good girl but didn’t know how to treat her.
“So silly boy get out my face. Why do you like the way regrets taste?”