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… literally!!!

Katy Perry, Pink, Nelly Furtado and 60 of the biggest stars in sport, pop, music, comedy and film have donated their shoes for a landmine clearance charity auction.

The Mines Advisory Group (Mag) say that they’ve been totally overwhelmed by the support they’ve had from celebrities who’ve given up their shoes to help those affected by conflict. You can help too! Support a good cause and you’ll be able to literally walk in your favorite celebrity’s shoes!

The auction has been launched on eBay with the last bids being taken on Sunday August 1. More details are available at

Kim 😉


Some of the biggest names in music came out last night (Sunday, Jan31) for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. The ladies ruled the evening — with Beyonce and Taylor Swift both taking home top honors!

Beyonce led the pack with 10 nods & ended up making history for the most wins by a female artist in a single Grammy night by scoring six trophies (incl. song of the year for “Single Ladies”). Swift entered with eight nominations and left with four, including one of the event’s most prestigious awards — album of the year! Not sure I understand that win, but hey…

Other big winners: Kings of Leon scored record of the year for “Use Somebody.” The Black Eyed Peas won three awards, including best pop vocal album for The E.N.D., and Jay-Z took home three –one for best rap solo performance and two awards for “Run This Town” with Rihanna and Kanye West (who was a no show).


1) Lady Gaga & Elton John’s duet:

2) Pink should be part of Cirque du Soleil:

3) Green Day scored big singing with the cast of their Broadway version of American Idiot (and with a Grammy for Best Rock Album):

Finally, special mention goes to the duet of Mary J Blige and Andrea Bocelli — a song that can be downloaded for Haiti relief and just poured chills down my spine:

There you go! Grammy Awards 2010 in a nut shell!

Sulli 😉

In case you did not know Bryan Adams has a side career as a fashion magazine photographer & has photographed the likes of Maggie Gyllenhall, Lindsay Lohen, Amy Winehouse, Cindy Crawford and so many more! So it comes to no surprise that he has photographed Pink! What does come to surprise is that Pink is topless in her shots!!!!! How did Bryan Adams get Pink to pose topless?? By dissing her shirt! As easy as that! lol

When asked how he got Pink to go topless, he answered: “I just said to her, ’I think that shirt isn’t great,’It was said very mildly said at the time: ‘Maybe we should just try to find something else.’ And she said, ‘Listen no one talks to me like that! Not even my husband!’ And off came the shirt.”

So, there you have it! Check out the pictures HERE!!

Sulli 😉

What a feeling it must be as an artist to have thousands of people sing along to your songs!

Check out the Virgin Festival Blog (lower right hand corner of our website, under the banner “Virgin Radio Music”) for a video of the crowd fully singing with the Black Eyed Peas last night at V-Fest — it was nuts!

What a better way to get that feeling, than to make it happen with a sing-along!!! Check out Pink rocking it out with her fans on “So What” — pretty cool!!!

You know how everything in Hollywood seems to happen exactly when that person’s movie/album is coming out?! I thought only D-list celebrities actually used that method of marketing & really disliked the scheme, but I am now scared to think that one of my favorite, who I thought was authentic, artist has done just that!

Pink and hubby Carey Hart went their own ways just “moments” before her new album Funhouse was released. Her first single, So What, was all about loosing her boyfriend, being a rock star and not needing him… he appeared in her video for the song, which we all thought was “nice of him”… some bought her album cause they liked the whole “I can live without you” attitude…

Now, a couple of months & Pink singles later, her latest is called Please Don’t Leave Me. Guess what it’s about?! Her being soooo mean & insulting to him, but really, she doesn’t mean it… she needs him and begs him not to leave her… Check out real life: Big announcement… Pink and Carey are back together… working it out!!!

Really???? A couple of my friends said: “Well, she wrote the song to get him back”!!! Ya–you don’t know how music works guys–all those singles were recorded months ago! Pink chose what song to be released when…

I am soooo disappointed if this breakup was a marketing scheme to sell more music… I really did not think Pink would scoop so low… if it’s a coincidence–it’s a major one! I still love you Pink, just disappointed…

What do you think about this whole thing??