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It’s that time of the year again! Tonight, people all around the world are being encouraged to dim their lights between 8:30 and 9 p.m. in recognition of Earth Hour. The international event is meant to raise awareness of environmental issues and climate change.

WWF said the number of countries and territories participating has grown from 135 last year to 147 this year. Libya, Algeria, Bhutan and French Guinea are among those participating for the 1st time. Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House went dark as Australians switched off lights & hundreds of landmarks around the world including Washington’s National Cathedral, London’s Clock Tower, the Great Wall of China and Tokyo Tower will be dimmed at 8:30 p.m. local time.

The great thing about it is that many businesses are throwing their support behind the movement and, as you watch your hockey game tonight in the dark, you can feel good knowing that the NHL has joined them. The league has announced an Earth Hour campaign of their own, with all teams hosting games tonight being asked to scale back energy usage in their arena. I like it!

Ontario electricity provider Hydro One said it would mark Earth Hour by turning off non-essential electrical equipment at its office facilities across the province. Hydro Ottawa is even inviting you to a free star party at the Canadian Museum of Science & technology (7:30pm).

Even the Ottawa Police are joining in the world’s largest public action for the environment. Between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., police headquarters at 474 Elgin Street will turn off the large illuminated “” sign on the south side of the building facing the Queensway.

Do your best! Unplug electronics or smaller appliances, turn off or dim your lights and enjoy an hour that truly makes a difference!

Kim 😉

Oh of course I am not being vulgar! I am talking puppets!
With another election on the horizon, what better way to poke fun OR teach your young ones (and not so young ones like me) a little lesson in politics with the help of these awesome finger puppets!
Ottawa resident, Gabe Thirlwall, is the puppet master and artist behind the Political Circus finger puppets (sold at Flock on Wellington). She even created a very special one this past week: Limited Edition Election Harper!
This one comes with all the accessories needed for an election campaign including: an election sign, a campaign bus, a handler, a smartphone, a ten percenter (literature sent to opposition ridings), a coffee and a donut, a giant sized novelty cheque (emblazoned with the party logo) and a kitten (to help him with his softer fuzzier side)!!!
Hahaha I love it! Maybe I would understand politics a bit more if it were explained with puppets!
Kim 😉
Ok… not really jumping, but rappelling!
On Monday, Sept 27th, I’ll be helping Easter Seals raise money for children with disabilites by rappelling off the 18th floor of the Delta Ottawa Hotel & Suites on Queen Street!
The best part, I’ll be dressed as a Super Hero!!
Any suggestions on what a EZ Rock Super Hero should look like!? Definitely some pink tights and a cape… what else?!
If you want to help me raise funds, I would REALLY appreciate as I only have a week to raise the coins!
Here is the link:
I’ve always wanted to be a real life Super Hero!
Kim 🙂

All I can say is WOW!!

Sarah Bareilles took part in Billboard’s Mashup Mondays where she put her own twist on the hit Beyonce song “Single Ladies.” She made it slower, jazzier and gave it great vocal harmonies. I LOVE IT!

“I’m gonna do a cover of a song, I want to completely reinterpret it,” she said. “It would be hard to imagine it as sort of a doo-wop-y, voice-and-piano kind of song, so I started fooling around with that on the piano, and it ended up being something super-fun.”

Check it out:

Wow, wow and wow! I LOVE IT (did I mention that already?!)!
Kim 😉
I gotta say that I am ALWAYS impressed by Flashmobs and cannot believe that I missed seeing this one going down live only by a couple of hours — as I headed out to the Ottawa BluesFest that very night…
It happened just before Kings Go Forth took to the Claridge Stage at 4pm last Saturday. Out of nowhere AC/DC came blaring out of the speakers and about 250 people of all stripes took part in a bizarre synchronized dance that left bystanders delighted and dumbfounded. Turns out it was the volunteers!!!
Too cool! Check it out! 
Kim 😉
A friend of mine from Vancouver is in town for a conference and last night, her group decided to join a haunted walking tour. They invited me along and I must say — I truly enjoyed myself!
What better way is there to get to know one’s city than by walking around it while learning cool facts about it?! Cool haunted facts in this case! Even better! 
Our tour guide, Marie-Pierre, greeted us at the corner of Elgin and Sparks wearing a dark cape and holding on to a candle lit lantern. She started the tour by telling us how that whole area was actually built on a cemetary! Now that starts a haunted tour right!
She then lead us through the neighbourhood, telling us about ghost encounters at Chateau Laurier and in a near by High School, hauntings to have occured as recently as in 2000 and why the fountain at Confederation Park MIGHT be haunted!
I won’t give too much away! I had never done a walking tour of the sorts in my own country and I gotta say, it’s fun to discover “home” through tourists’ eyes!
The scariest thing is that when I looked at my pictures this morning, my guide actually looks haunted/possesed in many of the shots…. eerie!
Kim 😉

I truly enjoyed my first Canada Day in the Capital — what a show of patrionism!

It was so much fun to take part in the arrival of the Queen on Parliament Hill, watch the concert and then walk around the city and By Ward market with thousands of other celebrants! My favorite part though was meeting the Canadian Forces’ technicians and pilots of the Snowbirds. These guys were great! Showing up at the pub in the uniform, answering questions, passing along info and taking a multitude of pics with fans… can you imagine flying one of these planes!?! They are so passionate about what they do and you can literally see the twinkle in their eyes when they talk about their job — it was amazing!

So this is my Salute to them!!! Thanks for making my day guys!

Kim 😉