Single Mom By Choice – Part 7: Where there is a will, there is a way!

I am a tad superstitious. I like believing in the little things. I lift my feet when driving over train tracks, I touch the outside of the plane before getting on, I make a wish at 11:11 and I eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Day! I believe in signs and meant-to-bes. I... Continue Reading →


Single Mom By Choice – Part 5: Let’s In-Vitro!

It can cost up to 8500$ for one in vitro fertility procedure and that doesn't include the cost of sperm... wow. It's a big jump from the free insemination procedure that I had been undergoing, but on the other hand, there's a better chance of a return on my investment. Statistics wise, I'm paying over... Continue Reading →

An App to Avoid People!! WOW!!

Sounds kinda anti-social, no?! I guess there is always someone you are looking to avoid... that ex, or the dude you owe money to... your mother-in-law!! Split, free for iOS and Android devices, is an app where users log on to Facebook and select people from their social network they do not want to meet.... Continue Reading →

A tad too far?! I think so…

I have to admit that I have quite the twisted sense of humor and my friends might be surprised that I do not think this is funny... I guess I draw the line at insinuations of child molestation! This commercial for Burlington France -- an old sock company that is now resurfacing and, obviously, wanting to... Continue Reading →

A tent in your shoes?!

Yes! That is exactly what Sibling, an Australian company, thought of. A pair of sneakers with an integrated shelter! Whether it's for a camping/hiking/exercising trip or just a run around town when you are uncertain of the weather (one second it's windy, then rainy, then snowy!), these are the shoes for you! "Stored compactly in... Continue Reading →

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