100 Greatests Artists of All Time

VH1 debuted their “100 Greatest Artists Of All Time” program this week, chronicling the best artists in music history.   The Beatles beat out Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan for number 1. Sounds like a good top 3 that I would agree with! I do have problems with others on the list though... Uhhh… Public... Continue Reading →

We Found Bubbles!!

I seriously wanted a monkey after seeing that Micheal Jackson had one! There was a skinny furry caramel colour one at the corner pet shop and man did I want it! I bugged my parents until it finally bit a child and the pet shop had to get rid of it!!!! Crazy! Well, MJ had... Continue Reading →

What a Week…

First we lost Ed McMahon on Tuesday and then, 2 days later, a double wammy -- both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson pass away... what a week of lost and sadness... I have to admit that the lost of Micheal Jackson is the one that affects me the most right now. I grew up watching... Continue Reading →

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