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Do you believe in reincarnation? This 10-year-old’s story might change your mind on the topic… he is pretty convincing!

tdy_cynthia_reincarnation_150316.blocks_desktop_largeIt started with nightmares of Hollywood at the age of 4 & later Ryan looked at a still from an early Hollywood movie, pointed out some random obscure extra and said, “That’s me. That’s who I was.” Yep… Ryan believes that he’s the reincarnation of an obscure old-time Hollywood figure named Marty Martyn, and he’s been citing eerily accurate facts to back up his claims. Facts that even google would have a hard time finding!

  • Martyn had in fact danced on Broadway
  • He worked at an agency where stage names were often created for new clients
  • He traveled overseas to Paris
  • He lived at 825 North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills
  • How many children Martyn had
  • How many times he was married
  • Martyn’s own daughter didn’t even know that her father had two sisters, but Ryan provided the information

Under examination, a doctor was able to confirm 55 of the factual details that Ryan divulged about his past life as Marty Martyn, who died in 1964 at the age of 61. In fact, an issue regarding Martyn’s age would actually be proven by Ryan, whose claim exposed a mistake in the acknowledged records.

Watch this:

Could it just be his parents telling him what to say? Mom claims that growing up in a Baptist church — the concept of reincarnation would go against her religious beliefs. The amount of research involved in the fabrication of these memories would be extremely extensive… and why?! For 15min of fame?


Kim 😉


logoSounds kinda anti-social, no?! I guess there is always someone you are looking to avoid… that ex, or the dude you owe money to… your mother-in-law!!

iphonefirstSplit, free for iOS and Android devices, is an app where users log on to Facebook and select people from their social network they do not want to meet. The app sends an alert when they are nearby and shows a route on a map to avoid them!! How hilarious (and somewhat practical) is that!?

Funny enough, Split isn’t the first app of its kind!

There is also the Cloak app for iOS, which works with Foursquare or Instagram, sending a notification if the person comes from within half a block to a couple kms away.

cloak-headerSplit and Cloak gather location data from social network updates and check-ins. Photo-sharing network Instagram includes location data whenever a photo is uploaded. Both apps gather data from Foursquare and Instagram, and Split gets additional data from Facebook and Twitter. Sounds scary all this sharing of date, but it can get you out of a sticky situation!!

I guess so much of our lives have become public… it’s only natural to want to break from that!

Would you use an app like this?!

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I have a long bucket list… #4 on the list is to ‘Participate in a marathon or triathlon’. The problem is that I CANNOT run! I am such a bad runner… no endurance! April 27th, I have signed up for a 5K, 10K or 21K… before deciding which ‘K’ I will be doing, I gotta get into shape!

Stephanie Presta, a sales rep at work, dragged me to bootcamp to get my butt into shape! How did I fare?! Boy oh boy…

It’s going to be tough!!! Thanks to I think I might make it!

Kim 😉

It is rare that I put up videos or messages that I find to be “preachy”, but this one is one that must be watched by all women.

If you are an atheist or do not believe in this God or Satan, just mentally skip over those words… it is worth listening until the end! The bigger message in the video really got to me. It is precious.