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Now if every ref explained penalties this way, women would understand the game so much better!




There is one thing Boston can do right and, in my eyes, it’s not hockey!!! It’s ads!! I fell upon these yesterday and thought they would be good to kick off our Habs/Bruins series! They are so funny — I’ve put them in order of preference–the 1st one being my favorite!! What I take from each and every one of them is that the Boston Bruins have no fans–in all 3 ads, the arena is empty!!! hahaha

Share your HABS ads with me and remember the power of positive thinking! If we all think together that we will win this–we will! Go HABS Go!!!!!!!!!!

In 2003, Maggie the Monkey climbed onto a high chair in the TSN studios to spin a wheel and pick the underdog Mighty Ducks as Stanley Cup finalists. The Ducks made it to the finals and Maggie’s fame lead to a full time job as playoff prognosticator! This year will be Maggie’s last season with TSN, and, if you ask me, it’s about time!!!!!!!

It’s not that I don’t like Maggie the Monkey, I thought she ruled… until last night! Now, I think she’s a bit rusty! Why?! The Habs did not get a favorable spin of Maggie’s lucky wheel. She predicted the Boston Bruins would beat the Habs in their first round series. As if!!!!!!!!! I know she’s wrong!!!

The Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks were both picked as first round winners by Maggie. Her other picks were the Devils, Flyers, Sharks and a couple of upset specials – the Blue Jackets to beat the Red Wings and the Rangers to beat the Capitals.

Maggie’s playoff prediction record is an impressive 40-35 but, in all honesty, I don’t trust her this year… Time to retire Maggie!!! GO HABS GO!!!