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About a month ago, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder performed Bruce Springsteen’s My City Of Ruins at the Kennedy Center Honors. It was BREATHTAKING!!! That live performance has just been released as a single and can be bought through Pearl Jam’s Ten Club and at iTunes for 99 cents, with all proceeds going to Artists for Peace and Justice Haiti Relief!! How cool is that?!

If you are not yet convinced and haven’t yet rushed to iTunes to buy the single, maybe this will convince you:

Vedder performing My City Of Ruins — LOVE IT!!

Sulli 😉


I know, I know… everyday we talk about a different way that you can help raise funds and promote awareness of the recovery efforts following the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas on January 12th… but THIS I think you will really like!!

Linkin Park is leading an all-star lineup of acts who are lending never-before-released songs to a new music collection called Download To Donate For Haiti. The project is going through Music Relief, the non-profit disaster assistance foundation started several years ago by Linkin Park and all proceeds will benefit hurricane relief in Haiti.

Basically, fans have the opportunity to download songs from the collection and then donate funds on a purely voluntary basis. Each download is a donation. The player used to download the music can be embedded at other websites, like Facebook & Myspace, therefore helping spread the word!

Who is participating?! Slash, the All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Alanis Morissette, the Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Enrique Iglesias, Kennam, Lupe Fiasco/Kenna and others.


Download great never-before-released songs and donate today!!

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Blink-182 is the latest band joining forces to help those in need in Haiti, but they found an original way to raise money for relief efforts–by releasing an exclusive charity T-shirt!!

According to the band’s publicist, all proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go to the Red Cross. Each shirt is $15 and is only available at the band’s official online store.

Order the Blink-182 charity T-shirt HERE!

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Did you know that the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday struck with the force of several nuclear bombs!! No wonder it almost completely destroyed its capital, Port-au-Prince… One third of the island nation’s nine million inhabitants were affected by the quake… isn’t that scary!

Unlike Bradgelina, who donated 1 million dollars to Haiti relief, many of us do not have much to give… However, if we all donate just 1$ — the price of that chocolate bar you are craving — we can help out the over 3 million people affected by this earthquake…

Plus, there are several ways you can donate — so you get to pick what kind of help your money will provide. Here is a list:

Providing Basic Needs:
Canadian Red Cross
World Vision
International Relief Teams
Save the Children
Catholic Relief Services
Samaritan’s Purse
Yéle Haiti
World Concern
Mercy Corps
Operation Blessing International
UN Central Emegergency Response Fund (CERF)
Mercy & Sharing

Providing Shelter:
Habitat for Humanity International

Providing Medical Aid:
Direct Relief International
International Medical Corps
Medical Teams International
Doctors Without Borders
MAP International
The International Committee of the Red Cross
World Health Organization
Project Medishare

Providing Food:

World Food Programme
The Salvation Army
Compassion International
Food for the Poor

I’m sure some of these are American, but at the same time, who cares! The money all goes to help out those affected! Come on, just pick one and donate!

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