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As you can see by this picture, I tried to teach one of my pups to surf, without much success!! They are nothing like Buddy, a 15 lbs Jack Russell terrier who has been surfing for 10 of his 12 years alongside owner Bruce Hooker, 53, from California!!!

Buddy usually hits the waves three times a week and walks up to 12km daily to stay fit for the ocean!!! I can hardly get my boys to do one lap in the pool!!

Buddy doesn’t only surf for pleasure… he also competes, along with 60 other dogs in the Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog competition (a fundraiser for pet-related charities). Only in California! haha. The rules of the contest? Every canine has 10 minutes to catch his or her best wave and will be judged on confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to “grip it and rip it”

“He’s really passionate about it. He sees this as a game and he wants to play. I’m sure he’s ridden more waves than any other dogs,” said Hooker, a salesman and lifelong surfer who serves as Buddy’s coach and spotter. COACH AND SPOTTER??? THIS IS NUTS!!

“My job is to get him into the critical part of the wave,” said Hooker, proud that Buddy came first in his “heat,” or weight class, in last year’s contest.


While Loews was one of the original surf dog competitions several others have emerged in recent years, giving rise to dog surf clubs, lessons, and businesses that sell doggy surfing accessories such as custom boards, wet suits and life jackets. Can you imagine trying to get your pooch into a wet suit!!! haha oh Lord!

Kim 😉

Check out Buddy’s websites and this video of him in action!


Sad news out of Montreal today — a couple are in critical condition after being struck by lightining last night… They were trying to watch the firework display from La Ronde when a storm brewed.. so they took their folding chairs and went to sit under a tree with their umbrellas… not very smart of them as when lightning stuck the tree, it was immediatly attracted to them…

This made me think of a segment I saw on The Daily Planet that said MEN ARE 4 TIMES MORE LIKELY OF BEING HIT BY LIGHTNING THAN WOMEN!! Why??

A couple reasons could explain the phenomenon:

1) Men are statistically taller than women, therefore are at risk from the fact that lightning will look for the easiest path to earth, aka the highest object.

2) Men have a longer stride statistically than women. This presents them as a higher risk due to the phenomenon of “step potential”. (what is that?? Does it mean men cover more ground than women so can be hit easier?)

3) Men may spend more time outside.

4) Men may have more iron in their bloodstream compared to women who lose their iron during menstruation every month. (Ya–I don’t really believe this one)
5) Men are less likely to act in a safe manner & are less likely to take precautions. Going outside during storms, continuing to work with conductive materials despite a storm, taking more risk outside while a storm is brewing… Basically, they are less patient, so therefore will not wait out the storm!
Ahhhhh men!!! I’m sure it was that poor lady’s husband’s idea to go sit under that tree…
Kim 😉
… I’d be an amazing runner!!
Scientists are now saying that your belly button reveals clues about your athletic ability!! 
Apparently, the navel position is the reason black people tend to dominate on the race track, while white people tend to excel in the swimming pool. The only reason??
Let’s quote the scientists: “Individuals of West African-origin have longer legs than European-origin athletes, which means their belly buttons are three centimeters higher than whites. So this “hidden height,” gives black athletes a significant speed advantage on the track”.
Why on the track? Well, I just discovered this: running is basically falling forward continually & mass that falls from a greater height falls faster.
Why are white better at swimming then? Well, lower navels mean longer torsos & a longer torso makes a bigger wave in the water. Since swimming is basically surfing the wave the swimmer creates, whites have a 1.5 speed avantage!!
I feel so much smarter now!! Plus, I finally know why I am a bad runner! I thought I was just lazy! Ohhhh belly button, you!
Kim 😉

Oh God! What has our world come to when one of the easiest, simplest, quickest thing to make and eat in now available in a can! No kidding here–this is an actual product–say welcome to the Candwich; a sandwich in a can!!!

Actually, they describe it as a new an innovative sandwich PRODUCT in a can for grab-and-go convenience! “Perfect for people on the go such as students, construction workers, soccer moms and outdoor enthusiasts”! Really?

I guess it eliminates the chances of your sandwich getting squished in your lunch bag… but I just can’t imagine eating (or should I say drinking?) my PB&J out of a can… that’s just wrong…

God–they even have a BBQ chicken flavour! No refrigeration needed either….

I can hear men thinking it as I type: “now all the best things in life come in a can… peanuts, beer and sandwiches!” haha

Kim 😉

Billy’s facebook status: “How the hell do you fold a fitted sheet?!”

What ensued? 31 of the most hilarious comments I have read to date on Facebook! Guys telling him to get a wife, girls telling him to call his mom, both genders telling him to roll it, bundle it, throw it in a corner or cocoon himself in it while nice and hot out of the dryer… the overwhelming trend though was that not many people knew how!!

One helpful comment: “Put one corner over your hand like a hat then put all the other corners one at a time over that corner.” To which someone responded that aligning the corners of a fitted sheet could be as “sinple” as aligning the planets!! haha

So to all you new mom’s, recent wifes, mothers of teenage sons — here is a video HOW TO FOLD FITTED SHEETS… pass it to them before they have to resort to Facebook like poor Billy!!

No more excuses for unruly, unfolded fitted sheets!

Kim 😉

I love moving to new cities and discovering new delicacies! The extra 20lbs I am carrying around is definitely the fault of perogies!!! My 7 month stint in Winnipeg was definitely not a healthy one!!! Coming from Quebec and having lived in China, perogies were my two favotire things in one: Poutine inside a dumpling!!! YUMMY!!

Well, now I think I have discovered what I am soon to be addicted to in Ottawa! Someone at Bluesfest this week did the mistake of introducing me to Jamie’s Cracked Corn!! WOW!!! Now, I am not a fan of caramel popcorn, but this is totally different… sweet yet salty and sooo fluffy!!! Pure deliciousness!! So good I had to take a picture with the guy selling it!

Help me feed my addiction: Can anyone tell me WHERE I CAN BUY JAMIE’S CRACKED CORN outide the bluesfest??

Kim 😉

HOLY!!! In the video for Maroon 5′s new single “Misery,”  (you can hear it on my blog–look through my earlier dates) frontman Adam Levine gets dropped from the sky; hit by a car (repeatedly); beaten soundly in a bathroom stall; thrown through a plate-glass window; hurled from a great height; and shot at with a bazooka — all at the hands of a heavily eyelinered woman, with whom he canoodles during her brief breaks from trying to murder him.
Check it out:
I don’t know what to make of it… what do you think?
 Kim 😉