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Hey guys!

It feels good to be back! Even though I was only gone a week, it feels like I’ve been off the air an eternity! I truly took advantage of my “birthday week” to refuel & relax and I am now ready to chit chat with you about all and everything!! What a better way to get back into it than with this topic:

Chris Brown FINALLY appologizes for what he did to Rihanna!!! Check out this video he posted of his website:

I was quite upset about this not happening before… I guess I feel better now knowing it was not his decision, but his legal teams… but do you feel like this video is scripted or do you think that Chris Brown is really honest here?!


Two big couples with 2 big stories, kinda came to 2 big conclusions last night…

First off, Jon & Kate Gosselin’s big announcement was no surprise — 10 days after their 10th year anniversary, the couple announced their official separation with divorce papers already being filed. Honestly, I think it is a shame. Eight children are involved and I have part of me who truly believes that this family might still be together if it were not for the show. Kate always seemed to want it more, act out for the cameras, taking it out on Jon — makes you wonder what would have been…

Jon called yesterday’s episode his “hardest” show ever.

So how are they going to be doing this?! The kids will remain at their $1.1 million home in Reading, Pa., with Kate and “Jon will also come here when it is his days, and we will flip-flop that way.”


Secondly, it was Rihanna’s big day in court yesterday; ready to testify against Chris Brown. Well, that did not happen!!! Chris Brown pleaded guilty, as part of a plea bargain, to one count of felony assault against Rihanna.

In exchange for the plea, Chris received 5 years probation, 180 days of hard labour community service, he must obey a protective order (he cannot harm or harass Rihanna) and a stay-away order (he must stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna — who thought this was unnecessary and had it reduced to 10 yards if at a public event). Finally, Chris brown will have to go into domestic violence counseling.

The judge pushed it one step further, adding a two-way order preventing Rihanna from ever contacting Chris!

Chris will be officially sentenced August 5th.

Rihanna’s latest song, “Silly Boy” is destined to be played non-stop over the radio airwaves and I’m sure Chris Brown is not looking forward to it! Not only does Rihanna team up with Lady GaGa on the track, but she completely rips into her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown!!

If Brown was hoping that Rihanna would take him back and not help nail him in court for his brutal assault, this song sends a very clear message.

Is this a bit of retaliation and payback after nude pictures of Rihanna surfaced over the internet. Chris Brown denies having anything to do with it, but really?!?! Do we believe him!?!

Kanye posted the demo on his blog, listen in!

The lyrics to Rihanna’s “Silly Boy” are as follows:

“I said I’m not coming back. You fooled me once but you can’t have that ego turning.
“Just too bad for you, that when you had me. Didn’t know what to do, she’s over you.
“’Cause you had a good girl, good girl, girl. That’s a keeper. You had a good girl, good girl but didn’t know how to treat her.
“So silly boy get out my face. Why do you like the way regrets taste?”


Poor Rihanna… I’m sure she just wishes, after that whole Chris Brown saga, that her life would just get back to normal and the only spotlight on her would be music related… well, it won’t happen now!

1 day after her first public performance (with rapper Kanye West in New York) following last February’s assault, naked pics of Rihanna were leaked online yesterday. Seven photos in all, all self-shot photos reportedly taken from Rihanna’s cell phone. She has not commented on whether the photos are real or not, but her record company has gone on the attack, calling the photos a violation of “the Artist’s rights.”. Judge for yourself… Here’s one of the decent ones!!!

There’s even one that looks like Chris Brown with Rihanna’s undie-dundies on his head!!! I’m sure Rihanna is not too happy about the whole thing… I wonder if Chris Brown had anything to do with it… or is she just a good girl gone bad?! lol

What do you think?!

** Listener Meghann P. says: “I don’t think that’s Chris Brown, you can tell the arm tattoo isn’t the same!!” (based on the pic below). I don’t know Meghann — the undies-on-the-head photo is kinda blurry!!! is a website that enjoys making useless lists… which makes it a really interesting website!! LOL Top 10 Artists that Need to Retire (does Poison come to mind?!), Top 8 Perfect Songs to Poop To (it’s not surprising we find Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit on there!) and, their latest, the Top 7 Artists About To Expire, artists that will NOT stand the test of time!!

Making the list are the following:

7. Lady Gaga

6. Madonna (hasn’t she already stood the test of time!)

5. Miley Cyrus

4. Akon

3. 50 Cent

2. Britney Spears

and the NUMBER 1 spot goes to….. drum roll please… Chris Brown!! They actually call him the next Bobby Brown! OUCH!!

What do you think?! Do you agree with Spike’s list? Who would you put on the list?

**You added the Pussycat Dolls