Yet Another New Barbie!

In her latest makeover, Barbie is dressed in a stylish burka!


Even Barbie Needs a Gay Friend!

It's a known fact that any lady would love to have a gay BFF. Well, it looks like Mattel realised that and chose to give Barbie her very own gay Ken friend called Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken. He comes with the pink polo shirt, the lime jacket, the little white puppy with the pink... Continue Reading →

Happy 50th Barbie!

Barbie celebrated 50 legendary years as a fashion icon & pop culture princess this last week. So many celebrated the diva, including Volkswagen who helped Mattel create the ultimate Barbie dream car --a life-size pink Malibu Barbie New Beetle convertible--which I seriously want!!! SERIOUSLY... I WANT IT!!! Anyways, here are some facts that you might... Continue Reading →

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