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You might have seen Madison’s viral video of her singing John Legend’s “All Of Me”. She is a Toronto teen with down syndrome showing the world that, despite her disease — a genetic disorder that tends to make one’s voice lower and take twice as much energy to produce — she can sing! Madison reportedly practiced “a lot” before she filmed the performance that has now been seen by over 6 million people!B9AyQQDIYAAWtwO

Practice paid off!! This week, her idol — John Legend — re-tweeted the story that Huffington Post did about her and Madison was ecstatic to say the least!

Her goal is to achieve 21 million views by March 21 in order to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. LET’S HELP HER!


Kim 😉


women-eating-gingerbread-man-cookie_1Apparently, the first bite you take out of a gingerbread cookie says A LOT about your personality!! How do you eat your gingerbread?

If you start with the:

HEAD –> You are like most! This makes you a natural-born leader!

LEGS –> You are a sensitive person.

LEFT ARM –> You are very creative.

RIGHT ARM –> You tend to be pessimistic.

They say that you are what you eat… maybe justshove th whole thing in your mouth if you don’t want to be judges 😉

Happy Holidays!

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***Findings from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation

It was 34 years ago today that John Lennon was killed. I was a baby — too young to understand any of it. However, years later — as a teen — I heard ‘Imagine’. It probably was not the first time the song had been played around me, but it was certainly the first time I HEARD ‘Imagine’… It is just one of those songs that you take in when you are going through confidence issues, growing pains, first wars and first loves… It did not take long to make me want to know more about the man behind that song and realise the impact he had on music and on society. He left behind a legacy.

I thought today was the perfect day to share a project that UNICEF launched last month, since it involves the man and the song that we are all remembering today!d34f792c.f

As part of its celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF has enlisted a roster of star performers to record versions of the Lennon classic (see below). It’s promotion for a downloadable “#IMAGINE” app that will allow YOU to record your own video versions of the song, post it to social media via the app and then, sometime this month, David Guetta will make a video remix of the song — making it the world’s biggest ‘Imagine” singalong! The money raised through the campaign will be used to support UNICEF’s health, education, sanitation and emergency relief programs for children in 190 countries.

How cool is that?  Change a child’s life with your voice. Join the largest singalong ever to raise awareness for the rights of children globally

EVERY VOICE COUNTS. Imagine the difference you can make!


How cute and fantastic is this?!

clem-and-millie-mintzToday is a very special day for this lovely couple as they are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary in their hometown of Parry Sound. Millie is 95 years old and Clem is 100 — they met in Toronto and marries when Millie was only 15!

They have now been recognized as having the longest marriage in Canada. Such a milestone that “people have to look two or three times at the [certificate] and read it again,” their grandson said.

Millie now has Alzheimer’s disease, but Clem still spends all day with her talking to her and playing music at Belvedere Heights home. Now that is true love!


20140922-114738-42458548.jpgLillian Weber, from Iowa, makes a dress for a small child in Africa every single day!

More than 840 dresses have been make by Lillian in the last 2 years & her goal is to make 150 more before next May! Why? Cause making her 1000 dresses on her 100th birthday seems like a great accomplishment, no?! And she is turning 100 at the beginning of May!

It only takes Lillian 1/2 a day now to make these cute dresses, with a break midday. “I could probably make 2 a day, but I enjoy just doing the one. It’s just one of those things I guess. I learnt how to do it and then I thought why not put it to good use?!”

Lillian donates the dresses to Little Dresses for Africa, who then distributes them to orphanages, churches and schools in 47 countries in Africa, as well as to children in need in countries like Haiti, Honduras, Thailand, Mexico and even parts of the United States.

Kudos Lillian!!


Kim 😉

If you thought you couldn’t love Pharrell’s “Happy” any more than you already do, check out this adorable video.

Those are the kids from Deaf Film Camp at upstate New York’s Camp Mark Seven performing the song in sign language. Deaf Film Camp, launched last year, teaches screenwriting, directing, acting, effects and cinematography to deaf campers. What an amazing opportunity for the kids & this is an amazing video showing that they are a talented and HAPPY group!

Isn’t great?!


You could be winning a trip to Berlin just by giving this guy a makeover! Ever since the Trivago Guy showed up on our big tv screens, the internet has been abuzz about his look…

trivagoguypic.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoWhy isn’t the pitch man for the world’s largest hotel search website wearing a belt? Why doesn’t he shave? Why does he look so dishevelled?

The buzz reached a crescendo this summer when the ads aired during the World Cup, with everyone from Rolling Stone Magazine to the Wall Street Journal weighing in. So now, thanks to Internet reaction to his beltless and too casual appearance,  the company has announced a Trivago Guy makeover contest, with the winner receiving a five-day trip to Berlin and a chance to watch the next commercial featuring the new and improved Trivago Guy.

HOW DO YOU WIN?! Post a photo of what outfit you’d like to see the Trivago Guy wearing on its Facebook contest page or via Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #trivagoGuy.

The deadline is Aug. 24. Voting will begin on Aug. 28 on Facebook.

Sadly for Canadian fans, the contest is only open to U.S. residents… Do you have an american po box?! hahaha

Kim 😉