LIFE HACK: How men can order girlie drinks with dignity!

Does you man prefer a cosmo over beer?! Will he suck it up in public as to not embarass himself by asking the bartender for a girlie drink?! If so, here is a solution taken from Men Health’s Magazine on how to order a girly drink without seeming like a looser!!   Tell your man to not ask the... Continue Reading →


Spaghetti a la Bleu, Blanc, Rouge!

To get into Ole, Ole, Ole mood this friday -- cheer on the Habs with a meal that truly shows your bleu-blanc-rouge!! So how to you get your pasta to be so Habs-y? It's so easy! Rinse ⅔ of the spaghetti in water, then separate the spaghetti in half into a ziplock bag. Place the... Continue Reading →


Apparently, the first bite you take out of a gingerbread cookie says A LOT about your personality!! How do you eat your gingerbread? If you start with the: HEAD --> You are like most! This makes you a natural-born leader! LEGS --> You are a sensitive person. LEFT ARM --> You are very creative. RIGHT... Continue Reading →

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