Single Mom By Choice – Part 8: The Gift of Life

Sometimes you have to chose the smart decision over the emotional one. As I sat at the doctor's office two months after my failed in-vitro, I knew I had a difficult decision ahead. I had already set the minimum number of follicles for another try at in-vitro to seven, but I only had 6 (more... Continue Reading →


Single Mom By Choice – Part 6: What Next?

These two past months have seen a lot of ups and downs, including posting my first of these blogs. I will admit that I was at a very low point, after four failed insemination procedures and one failed in-vitro, and I wasn't sure that I could carry on with this adventure. I don't know how... Continue Reading →

Single Mom By Choice – Part 5: Let’s In-Vitro!

It can cost up to 8500$ for one in vitro fertility procedure and that doesn't include the cost of sperm... wow. It's a big jump from the free insemination procedure that I had been undergoing, but on the other hand, there's a better chance of a return on my investment. Statistics wise, I'm paying over... Continue Reading →


Too Funny! Which is your favorite prank?

I LOVE PRANKS! April Fools is the best day for people like me! Here is my round-up of the best April Fools Pranks for 2016! Kudos to Westjet for always coming up with something original! This is actually something we can see happening on flights in the future: I so wish that THIS ONE (click here) were true!... Continue Reading →


LIFE HACK: How men can order girlie drinks with dignity!

Does you man prefer a cosmo over beer?! Will he suck it up in public as to not embarass himself by asking the bartender for a girlie drink?! If so, here is a solution taken from Men Health’s Magazine on how to order a girly drink without seeming like a looser!!   Tell your man to not ask the... Continue Reading →


Spaghetti a la Bleu, Blanc, Rouge!

To get into Ole, Ole, Ole mood this friday -- cheer on the Habs with a meal that truly shows your bleu-blanc-rouge!! So how to you get your pasta to be so Habs-y? It's so easy! Rinse ⅔ of the spaghetti in water, then separate the spaghetti in half into a ziplock bag. Place the... Continue Reading →


Do you believe in Reincarnation? This 10 years old’s story is quite convincing!

Do you believe in reincarnation? This 10-year-old's story might change your mind on the topic... he is pretty convincing! It started with nightmares of Hollywood at the age of 4 & later Ryan looked at a still from an early Hollywood movie, pointed out some random obscure extra and said, "That’s me. That’s who I was."... Continue Reading →


Longueuil police looking for child-luring suspect

TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS FACE!  Do you know this man? If you have any information about his, Longueuil police would love your help! This French-speaking man apparently tried to lure a child into his pickup truck on a Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 20, not far from the Marie-Victorin school. He would have approached a... Continue Reading →


Be inspired… Help Madison reach her goal!

You might have seen Madison's viral video of her singing John Legend's "All Of Me". She is a Toronto teen with down syndrome showing the world that, despite her disease -- a genetic disorder that tends to make one's voice lower and take twice as much energy to produce -- she can sing! Madison reportedly practiced "a lot" before... Continue Reading →


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