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If you thought you couldn’t love Pharrell’s “Happy” any more than you already do, check out this adorable video.

Those are the kids from Deaf Film Camp at upstate New York’s Camp Mark Seven performing the song in sign language. Deaf Film Camp, launched last year, teaches screenwriting, directing, acting, effects and cinematography to deaf campers. What an amazing opportunity for the kids & this is an amazing video showing that they are a talented and HAPPY group!

Isn’t great?!



You could be winning a trip to Berlin just by giving this guy a makeover! Ever since the Trivago Guy showed up on our big tv screens, the internet has been abuzz about his look…

trivagoguypic.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoWhy isn’t the pitch man for the world’s largest hotel search website wearing a belt? Why doesn’t he shave? Why does he look so dishevelled?

The buzz reached a crescendo this summer when the ads aired during the World Cup, with everyone from Rolling Stone Magazine to the Wall Street Journal weighing in. So now, thanks to Internet reaction to his beltless and too casual appearance,  the company has announced a Trivago Guy makeover contest, with the winner receiving a five-day trip to Berlin and a chance to watch the next commercial featuring the new and improved Trivago Guy.

HOW DO YOU WIN?! Post a photo of what outfit you’d like to see the Trivago Guy wearing on its Facebook contest page or via Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #trivagoGuy.

The deadline is Aug. 24. Voting will begin on Aug. 28 on Facebook.

Sadly for Canadian fans, the contest is only open to U.S. residents… Do you have an american po box?! hahaha

Kim 😉

OMG! I’d love for this to happen to me! I’d totally freak out at first, but this baby seal is so friendly! How adorable!

Wanting to play, this seal pup decided to join in the fun by hopping right onto the boards of two surfers off the coast of northern England!

The seal played with them for about an hour, looking like it was truly trying to learn the tough skill of balancing on a surf board! It looks like I’m not the only one who has trouble with that! Haha

“It kept sliding off,” one of the surfers, Matthew Stanley, told the BBC. “But every time you caught a wave it would surf in on the white water.” You can see the seal really surfing 1:40 in!

Amazing, no?!

Kim 😉

A necklace that dubs as what?!?!

174038-original-1352744561-s3YES PLEASE!! **cough cough [compose yourself Kim]  I mean, it sounds really interesting… worth trying… just to see if it works!  **wink wink

Vesper-Vibrator-Necklace-RoseGoldLadies, let me introduce you to the droplet necklace by crave — a necklace that dubs as a nipple vibrator! It’s sexy, it’s totally wearable & it looks like a simple, elegant necklace… nothing more!


Their motto is straight to the point: “Elegant silver will catch your eye. The sensation will catch your breath”.300484-610x610-1356020250-primary


Kim 😉