The Tata Top

Oh my! Facebook and Instagram are going to go bezerk with the new monokini in town -- Tha Tata Top... It's not surprising that this new top, which makes it look like you are topless, has become the unofficial symbol for the #freethenipple campaign -- a campaign that is taking momentum right now attacking the... Continue Reading →


Salted Chocolate Tart with Potato-Chip Crust!!! You’re welcome!

CRAVINGS... they are either salty or sweet and sometimes they are both! This might just be THE BEST cure for any cravings -- a salted chocolate tart with a crust made out of potato chips!! WHAT?? YA! I KNOW!! 😉 Thank you for this amazing recipe!! Salted Chocolate Tart with Potato-Chip Crust Serves 6... Continue Reading →

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