The key to happiness! A beauty!

I love this story! I saw this story on a friend's facebook page and just had to share! Once a group of 500 people were attending a seminar. Suddenly the speaker stopped and decided to do a group activity. He started giving each person a balloon. Each person was then asked to write their name... Continue Reading →

Sun Damage — CRAZY!

This crazy photo hasn’t been altered, it just depicts longterm sun damage to one side of the face! How crazy is that?! This is from the New England Journal of Medicine, which describes the subject as “a 69-year-old man presented with a 25-year history of gradual, asymptomatic thickening and wrinkling of the skin on the... Continue Reading →

The importance of appearances… POWERFUL!

Now this is quite the social experiment and the results sadden me... but I won't lie that I am responsible for walking by more than once... It's tough... they say not to judge a book by it's cover, but... This video is a bit of an eye opener, no?! Kim 😉

Wow! THIS could change everything!

As our consuming world realises that billions of water bottles pollute the planet, we are finding tons of creative ways to recycle water bottles (lining of purses, subway fare in Beijing,...). Well, recycling all those water bottles might soon not be a problem as London-based students could change the way we consume bottled water. Together, they've created... Continue Reading →

Oh Wow — They did NOT expect THAT!

You got to love shows like America's Got Talent where there is such a variety of talent to be discovered! This 14 year old boy is waiting for just that -- to be discovered and maybe become Australia's own Justin Bieber (not the best example behaviour wise if you ask me, but career wise--good choice of... Continue Reading →

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