Eggs DO grow on trees!!!

I knew it! See mom -- Easter Eggs DO grow on trees!! Or at least they do in Germany's Volker Kraft's apple tree! In 1965, the Krafts decked their tree for Easter with 18 artfully decorated eggs -- a popular tradition in Germany. Year after year, the amount of eggs grew... Last year, the tree... Continue Reading →

OUCH! Now this will make you feel old… **Sigh

Over 5 million people probably feel REALLY old after watching this latest viral video that shows kids reacting to a technology that was so utterly amazing back in the 80s = the walkman! Try not to laugh watching these kids attempting to understand how this "prehistoric" technology works: OUCH! Don't you feel old now?! Kim 😉

WHAT? A Chicken Corsage?!

I was hoping that this was a bad belated-April-fool joke, but no! This actually exists! It's always the same deal when prom comes around -- > kids guilt their parents into buying over-priced dresses, save up all year to hire a limo, and, of course, dream of being asked to go by the hottest guy... Continue Reading →

It’s A Small World Sing-Along

Some say it is the most annoying song ever, a definite earworm, and other (like me) just LOVES this song! So many childhood memories come rushing forth when I hear It's A Small World and I think it is actually what sparked in me my first desires to travel! Can you believe that It's A Small... Continue Reading →

70 year-old + Roller Coaster = Priceless!

Ria is a 70 year old grandmother from the Netherlands who is prepping for her first big trip on an airplane... problem is that she has a fear of flying... This is where the phone company Vodafone's came in with a helping hand! In their "First" ad campaign, they paired Ria with An, a 78-year-old also from the... Continue Reading →

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