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We all do it… we don’t realise that we are bullying ourselves, but we are publicly critizing our bodies on social-networks!

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Special K created a 2min spot that tackles the issue of Fat Talk.

“93 per cent of women fat talk. We believe it’s a barrier to managing our weight. It happens everywhere, especially when shopping for clothes. To show how damaging words can be, we created a store with actual fat talk.”

See what happens:

Since being posted to YouTube last weekend, the Special K ad has generated more than a half-million views. I agree… it’s time to stop the fat talk!



terminal_5_72dpi_Dec06Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Five is the 1st thing many international travelers see in the UK. It’s beautiful, it’s a stunning achievement of design, and it’s… apparently a massive annoyance to perform any basic repairs on!

To give you an idea of the severity of the problem, 60% of the 120,000 light bulbs at Terminal Five have blown yet not a single one has been changed since 2008. WHY? The ceiling is 120 feet up, too high for cherry pickers and scissor lifts!

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The solution: hire acrobats!!

It turns out that wirewalkers are uniquely suited to this job, because it’s a lot easier to string a wire across a 120-foot tall span than it is to wheel in a cherry picker. The major bulb replacement task is expected to take nearly four months and cost several million pounds. 

Let’s hope those light bulbs last as long as possible!


Kim 😉