Mindblowing… The power of photoshop…

This is pure craziness! I am sharing this hoping that as many young girls as possible watch this to understand that they are beautiful the way they are and that as many young men watch this to comprehend that many of their expectations are off mark!! Pass it along! Kim 😉

10 Million Dollar Bra!

What do you think? Back in 1996 when Victoria's Secret first debuted the tradition of creating a bejewelled Fantasy Bra, the price tag was set at $1 million. Seventeen years later, the 2013 version costs a cool $10 million!! It is dubbed the "Royal Fantasy Bra" and is a ruby, diamond, and sapphire studded stunner!... Continue Reading →

Best Groom Ever?!

Be careful what you wish for – in person and online – because it just might come true. Amanda Roman, casually told a friend she fantasized about getting engaged and married on the same day. Then-boyfriend Ryan Leak overheard the conversation and decided 'why not?!' How do you make sure you are planning the perfect... Continue Reading →

Naughty Wines ;)

Now these sound simply naughty and delectable! After inspiring many in the kitchen (have you read '50 Shades of Chicken' cookbook?! MIAM) and in the bedroom (wink wink) -- 50 Shades of Grey has now inspired a California winemaker! The author of the saucy trilogy, E. L. James says "I’ve always had a penchant for good wine,... Continue Reading →

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