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peurs-enfantines-photographe-joshua-hoffine-L-5As kids, our imagination runs free and often spooks the bejeezus out of us… Joshua Hoffine is a photographer who brought childhood scares to life in a horrific level!

Things like the boogeyman, the monster under the bed or in the closet (and let’s not forget the one underneath the staircase!), the warewolfe, the devil, the clown… are all pictured with amazing detail and scare factor.


I remember being spooked for months after watching the long version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video that arms would reach for me from behind the sofa, so this photo totally spooks me!

CHECK OUT HIS HORROR PHOTOGRAPHY HERE  — I wonder if the models had nightmares afterwards! I would have!



This is pure craziness!

I am sharing this hoping that as many young girls as possible watch this to understand that they are beautiful the way they are and that as many young men watch this to comprehend that many of their expectations are off mark!!

Pass it along!

Kim 😉

Men, it looks like you don’t need to hit the gym to get muscles anymore!


Just like us girls can wear padded bras to make ‘A’s look a tad bigger and fuller in that tight top, skinny men can now enhance their chest muscles with a padded t-shirt! I wonder if it’s as much a confidence booster as a padded bra is 😉

U.K.-based company created this to allow you men to now fit in with all the other fist-pumping brawny folk! How does it work? The top is meant to compress unsightly man boobs and reshape them into a more muscular-looking build.

The shirt is cheaper than a gym membership (it will cost you about 48$) and comes in grey, white and black.

It kind of looks weird just like that, but worn under a shirt — it actually works quite nicely! Check out this video:

Interesting. Would you try it? Would you like your guy to try it?

~Sulli 😉

What are they going to come up with next?!

After the popularity of PooPourri, it looks like there is a market for this kind of thing! Shreddies is a new underwear line that filters out your fart’s smell!


I gotta admit that it sounds like it the kind of underwear that can save you in stressful situations — like being stuck in an elevator full of people, in your first big interview, on a first date or at a wedding…

UK company Shreddies Ltd. came up with the perfect solution to help you avoid social embarrassment!  Shreddies come in a range of briefs and boxers that feature highly absorptive carbon cloth in the back panel of the underwear. The cloth is called Zorflex and is thin and flexible, and just so happens to be a cloth used in chemical warfare suits! So you know it’s good stuff! When you let one rip, the fabric traps and neutralizes the smell, and can be reactivated simply by washing the piece of fabric. SAVED!

Boxer briefs and support boxers for men are available starting at around $40, while briefs and high waisted briefs for women run around $30. Buy HERE!

Sulli 😉

What do you think?


Back in 1996 when Victoria’s Secret first debuted the tradition of creating a bejewelled Fantasy Bra, the price tag was set at $1 million. Seventeen years later, the 2013 version costs a cool $10 million!!

It is dubbed the “Royal Fantasy Bra” and is a ruby, diamond, and sapphire studded stunner! The bra includes over 4,200 precious stones set in 18-carat gold. The focal point is a 52-carat ruby dangling down toward the navel!

Comfy? I am sure not! Dazzling? Absolutely!

I’d wear it for a day 😉

Kim 😉

These guys are geniuses!

So many of you guys will wish you would have thought about this first! 100$ for charity for every motorboat provided! The guys get to play with boobies to save boobies! Genius…

~ Sulli 😉

Be careful what you wish for – in person and online – because it just might come true.


Amanda Roman, casually told a friend she fantasized about getting engaged and married on the same day. Then-boyfriend Ryan Leak overheard the conversation and decided ‘why not?!’

How do you make sure you are planning the perfect surprise wedding though?! By hacking into her Pinterest account! I am surprised a guy even knows how Pinterest works, but Ryan took hints from her “My Dream Wedding” titled board and pulled it off — from the dress to the flowers, the setting to the guests!

The duo pair tied the knot on June 7 in front of more than 100 guests in Miami, just hours after Leak, 27, got down on one knee and proposed.

The romantic surprises did not end with the ceremony. Leak also arranged a honeymoon in Naples and Laguna Beach!

Best groom ever?! Pretty close!

Kim 😉