What a difference!

Oh me Oh my! What a difference a year makes! Last night, I decided to start categorizing the photos in my computer. The biggest album has to be my 20 day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia taken mid-July to August of last year (2011). Beautiful pictures! I loved that trip! However, I was shocked when looking at... Continue Reading →


Well, this doesn't come as a surprise! Even though we would like to think that our men knows everything about us, we know deep down that it's just not true! Now science has proven it! A new survey found that 40% of couple have fought over the fact that the guy can't remember super important details.... Continue Reading →

Best commercial ever

All of you know how much of a sap I am... I cry so easily! I always joke that I can cry at commercials or even the Price is Right! Ok... I might have once!  There are two commercials that I always refer to when I talk about them making me cry... One was at Christmas, a pregnant lady talking to... Continue Reading →

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