DESIGNER Lenny Kravitz

Just a month after designing some pretty sweet chairs , Lenny Kravitz has created a line of canvas shoes for TOMS.  It was his daughter Zoe who convinced him to work with TOMS, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for each one purchased. For his collection, Kravitz took the typically simple... Continue Reading →

Lip Dub Proposal

If this doesn't put a smile on your face and/or maybe a tear in your eye, go back to bed and get up on the other side! 🙂 This guy put so much effort into this proposal -- she has to be one special girl! I love love love love it! Ok... I totally cried....... Continue Reading →

OUCH x 9672 !!

A new study found that the average person suffer 9,672 ailments and injuries in their lifetime -- and experience 124 incidents of ill health every year!!! That means we are ill once every 3 days!! What can you expect in a year?! - at least three sore throats, - four cases of heartburn, - four... Continue Reading →

Skydiving Nightmare

80 year old Laverne probably knew that her dream of skydiving would rank up there in the scariest moments of her long life, but I don't think she was expecting it to be THIS SCARY! Watch as her birthday celebration jump ended up almost costing her life... It is as if she knew something was wrong, when at... Continue Reading →

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