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Or else, someone might erect one of these statues here in Ottawa! haha

Hopefully we will not need to go this far… A giant bronze sculpture of dog poop on display in Wroclaw, Poland has been erected to remind residents to pick up their dogs’ feces!!

The statue was commissioned by Polish rapper Lukasz Rostkowski who hopes the statue will encourage people to pick up after their animals. He said, “Every year, dog messes pop up quicker than snowdrops. Our action is a bit of fun.”

I wonder if his music is any good?! If it isn’t, he can keep the statue to remind people to pick up his next album!!

Kim 😉


This ‘Milk’s Favourite Cookie’ ad is creating quite the contraversy and Oreo claims it’s all a big mistake!

Oreo said its controversial breastfeeding baby advert was ‘never meant to go public’. Apparently the ad was only supposed to be used once — for an advertising forum.

The image has caused quite a storm, and seriously divided opinion on the net! Some talk about the fine line between creative liberty and ethics,  others sarcastically comment about now having a nice warm cup of mother’s milk with your cookie…

But others LIKE ME said they LOVED the pic  — for the art direction (the look in the babies eyes is priceless),  for showing the naturalness of breastfeeding,  for the cute & eye catching idea behind the ad and/or simply cause as an  OREO fan, this ad is absolutely fantastic!

Oreo’s 100th birthday promotional campaign was officially celebrated last month so, who knows, maybe this was all part of it! Born on March 6, 1912, the Oreo brand now fetches a staggering $1.5billion in global revenues and is the world’s top selling cookie of the 21st Century. The limited edition 100th birthday Oreo features creme flecked with colour.

Isn’t it Oreo’s creative and inspired advertising that has always ensured the enduring shelf life for the cookie?! I think this ad is doing just that!


Kim 😉

With his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, this guy certainly brought fame to himself — this video went viral within days of appearing on the net — but no fortune will come from his singing skills!

After the RCMP nabbed 29-year-old Robert Wilkinson for being clearly drunk behind the wheel and refusing to take a breathalizer, the bearded boozer chose to show how he felt about his arrest by belting out Queen’s hit! For 6 minutes, the officers endured this guy screaming the chorus and using the screen between the front and back of the cop car as drums!!

Check it out — you are going to LOVE the finale!

Hahahaha kuddos for really ”feeling” the song! My favorite parts come at around 4:20 with the ”Let me go” part of the song!!

Kim 😉

I saw this ad on a friend’s twitter feed a couple weeks ago and thought : “OMG! My wish and desires have been heard!” How delicious would a hot dog stuffed pizza crust be?! I was hoping that it was a true ad and not just made up and today, I got my answer…


My tummy is so happy!

Unfortunately, we have to wait for it to come to Canada as right now, Pizza Hut has only introduced the pies in Japan, Thailand and the UK — but let’s hope that this blog will spread the word and the love for hot dog stuffed pizza crust! haha Come on Pizza Hut, make us Canadians happy!

I’m drooling!

Kim 😉

An instant smile will be plastered on your face after watching this mini-movie about one very creative 9 year old with a dream of owning his own arcade:

Truly amazing & priceless… You can help feed Caine’s imagination with his Scholarship Fund:

Kim 😉

I knew it! See mom — Easter Eggs DO grow on trees!! Or at least they do in Germany’s Volker Kraft’s apple tree!

 In 1965, the Krafts decked their tree for Easter with 18 artfully decorated eggs — a popular tradition in Germany. Year after year, the amount of eggs grew… Last year, the tree carried 9,800 brightly coloured Easter eggs artfully decorated with everything from sequins to sea shells and was quite the tourist attraction — it drew more than 13,000 visitors! 

This year is a landmark year. Another 200 eggs brought the total to 10,000 Easter eggs hanging from their tree and Volker Kraft confirmed that this is where it stops… only because they’re running out of room to store the mountain of egg boxes!!!

What I love about this story is how much of a family activity it has remained. The Kraft’s 40 year old daughter still blows out real eggs and paints them — something she has been doing with her dad since the age of 4!

 Now doesn’t that put a smile on your face? 47 years of seeing a tree grow and a family come together to put a little colour in our lives!
Kim 😉

To us, Kinder Surprise eggs are a tasty chocolate treat with a fun little toy inside. But to Americans, they’re contraband!!!!

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency reminds travellers that they are not permitted to bring Kinder eggs into the States. And if they do, the treats will be confiscated.

Why are they banned?!?! Could you be hiding something in the egg?? Well, that’s kind of the reason! The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classify them as “a confectionery product with a non-nutritive object imbedded in it.” Ohhh la la!

On what seems to be a better reason to band them, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says the “surprise” toys fail to meet their small parts requirements for children less than three years of age.

Health Canada has deemed the toys, which are difficult for small children to take apart without the help of an adult, safe.

The eggs have been banned for 15 years south of the boarder, yet last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 25,000 Kinder Surprise eggs!! Oops!

I think it’s just a way for the boarder patrol who are stuck at work on Easter to have fun doing a big Easter egg hunt!!

Kim 😉