Top 10 Tv Ads of 2011

My favorite part of "end of years" is the abundance of Top 10 lists! This one I always love -- check out THE BEST ADS OF 2011! I like that this site also gives a bit of background info before you watch the ad. Google & Volkswagen are definitely my top 2! That little Darth Vader kid... Continue Reading →

Meat-Free Mondays for McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney may be known for creating memorable rock melodies in one of the biggest bands in the world, the Beatles, but since 2009, he is also known for his ongoing campaign educating fans about how to eat less meat, not just for their health, but also to influence the sustainability of the world by... Continue Reading →

Most Influential Hair

Well, it looks like Jennifer Aniston no longer has the most desirable & sought-after Hollywood hairstyle. According to the Wall Street Journal,  when it comes to actress haircuts to emulate, Harry Potter star Emma Watson's cropped mane is the most desirable. For the boys, Justin Bieber's swish was the style most asked for. No swish on this... Continue Reading →


Have you ever checked out the website ?! Here is the latest addition... thanks to the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico! The odd family Christmas card sent out this year shows a smiling Mayor Jorge Santini, his wife and three children standing arranged behind a stuffed and mounted jaguar with his mouth clenched on... Continue Reading →


Did you know that mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious and sacred plant of European folklore -- seen as a bestower of life and fertility! I didn't! I also didn't know about proper mistletoe etiquette, so thought I would share with you! CORRECT MISTLETOE ETIQUETTE: a man should pluck a berry when... Continue Reading →

Hamsters = Good for the love life!

Are you single? Are you looking for romance? If yes, choose your pet wisely! Why? Well because 72% of singles say that animals make a difference as to whether or not they would date someone. If you don't want your pet to interfere with your love life, you're best off owning a hamster or guinea-pig... haha... Continue Reading →


Need a way to save a bit of cash this holiday season? What do you think about the idea of renting toys for your kids?! A new online service will allow you to do just that!  Renting toys? Really?? Not only is it apparently cheaper, but it helps cut down on clutter and provides more stimulation for... Continue Reading →

Zero Tolerance Gone Too Far?!

Both these stories come from the States and both I find ridiculous... good examples of how ''Zero Tolerance'' has gone too far! STORY #1: A 9-year-old boy North Carolina boy was suspended for calling a teacher "cute," which was labeled a form of sexual harassment by his elementary school's principal!!!!! Isn't that crazy!  The boy's... Continue Reading →

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