Barbie & Ken’s Wedding Album

I gotta say it... I kinda want Barbie & Ken's wedding photographer! These pictures are phenomenal! Photographer Beatrice de Guigne is the mastermind behind this ingenious photoshoot. It took her weeks to prepare the wedding & 3 days to take the stunning photos! You can read more about the inspiration for the shoot and the whole ordeal (how... Continue Reading →

Man Oh Man!

Men say we are slow??? Hell no! New research shows that men spend an average of 81 minutes a day on personal grooming while women spend just 75. HA! The results, compiled by Travelodge, also showed that women spend 22 minutes in the shower compared to the 23 that men use. Other stats: Shaving Men... Continue Reading →

Strawberry — the new super food?!

Now we know why strawberries are so often served with champagne! It's now been found that strawberries can protect you against alcohol damage!! Consistent alcohol use predisposes us to various health issues, including ulcers and various cancers (between 2% and 4% of cancers are attributed to alcohol). However, new research has indicated that strawberries can... Continue Reading →

Moustachioed Men Make More

Less than 10 days left to Movember... Halleluia! 😉 Actually, you might just want your man to keep his moustache year long because believe it or not, there exists an actual correlation between having a moustache and earning big money!! Researchers conducted a study called “Saving and Spending Patterns of Mustached Americans”  where they looked into the earnings of moustached, bearded... Continue Reading →

An Orchid Called Elton John

Sir Elton John now joins the league of people like late Princess Diana, actor Jackie Chan and South African icon Nelson Mandela, who all have orchids named after them. In case you didn't know, Elton John is an avid flower lover and was quite humbled to receive the honour at the 20th edition of World Orchid Conference.... Continue Reading →

In-Flight Porn?!

Could be a possibility! European discount airline Ryanair is considering offering porn as in-flight entertainment! The porn would be available via a Ryanair app for tablets and smartphones that passengers would have to pay for and could also be used to gamble or play games. The company says that the porn would be discreet since it... Continue Reading →

Baby deals with telemarketer

There is nothing more annoying than a telemarketing phone call during meal time or your favorite tv show... most of us find a way to say "thanks but no thanks" quick enough, but I gotta say that this family had a brilliant idea when they handed over the phone to their baby. Hilarious! CHECK OUT... Continue Reading →

In the spirit of Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day: It's that one time of the year where we remember those who have fought for our freedom & those who have given up their tomorrow so that we could have ours. It's funny how actually meeting and knowing a soldier who was injured in battle changes one's view of the day. This year,... Continue Reading →

Van Halen News

After intense speculation, looks like Van Halen is ready to finally let fans know what they're doing... Rumours are that a live announcement will happen at the Grammys Nomination Concert on November 30th. A press release regarding the Grammys sent out last week by the Recording Academy revealed that the nominations concert will feature "a special, live announcement... Continue Reading →

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