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Are you one to indulge in Halloween candy?!?! Good news, you can burn off those candy calories and have fun, or even be productive, at the same time!!!!

Apparently, the average amount of popular candy — one Almond Joy Snack Size Bar, one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or six Tootsie Rolls — is about 100 calories. To burn off the calories of one Halloween treat:

— Dance for 20 minutes.
— Jog in place for 12 minutes.
— 15 minutes of intense weight training burns approximately 100 calories. These “tuned up” muscles will keep burning more calories even after the workout is over.
— Bike for 10 minutes at 12-14 mph.
— Play a virtual sport or exercise games.
— Walk for about 15 minutes.
— Bounce on a trampoline for 27 minutes to tone legs, butt and abs.
— Wax your car for 20 minutes.
— Shop at the mall for 41 minutes.
— Dig, rake, plant and weed in the garden for 15 minutes.

The dog park is at least a 45min walk — so there is 3 little chocolate bars! Woohoo! So eat away, but don’t forget to dance while you are doing so!!

Kim 😉


A new study suggests that women may be avoiding giving birth on Halloween!! 

Yale scientists looked at the numbers of spontaneous, Caesarian and induced births in the two week period surrounding the holiday, and found a clear dip in babies born on October 31. The study, Influence of Valentine’s Day and Halloween on Birth Timing, published by the Journal of Social Science and Medicine, also indicated a spike in births on Valentine’s Day.

No surprise there! Of course you’d want a Valentine baby!

The data indicates a 5.3% fall in spontaneous births and a huge 16.9% drop in Caesareans on Halloween. In contrast, Valentine’s Day enjoyed a 3.6% rise in spontaneous births and a 12.1% increase in Caesareans.

Do you think a Halloween birthday is bad luck?

Kim 😉

Still looking for that last minute costume for tonight?! Why not represent Ottawa while doing so!!  

Here are a couple ideas:

1) The Golden Palace Eggroll. 

2) Rogue Senate Page.  All you need for this one is a black suit, white gloves, and a “Stop Harper” sign.

3) Green Bin.  They’re only $30 or so at Canadian Tire.  Buy one, cut out holes for arms and legs, glue on a few pieces of rice as the maggots. (Suggestion: Get your spouse to dress up as a Rain Barrel.)

4) Sexy OC Transpo Cop.  Take one of those sexy cop costumes and tape on an OC Transpo logo. Then ask everybody, “Can I see your transfer, baby?”

5) Black Bear.  (For Bells Corners residents only.)

6) Ottawa Convention Centre.  I have no idea how to pull this off but if you can find a shiny futuristic helmet somewhere you’d have the best costume in Ottawa.

Kim 😉

Thanks to Ottawa Start for these great ideas!

Derek Seguin will be making history at Yuk Yuks on Elgin next week (October 27-28-29) by being the first headliner of an all French show! Many in Ottawa have seen and loved Derek’s act in English & the demand was there to please the French crowd, but to tell us how it came to be, what to expect from the show & how Derek could represent Ottawa in Canada’s Next Top Comic listen in to the man himself:

VOTE VOTE VOTE for Derek to represent Ottawa at Canada’s Next Top Comic — he could win 10,000$.

Buy your tickets to Yuk Yuks 1st ever french show at the boxoffice or by calling 613-236-5233.

The CEO of a New Jersey company who was upset that there was no milk for his coffee threatened to fire employees who finish off the office milk supply and don’t replenish it!! I’m not kidding!! 

Beckerman Public Relations executive Keith Zakheim wrote in an e-mail, “I have repeatedly requested until I am blue in the face that the person that finishes the milk must replace the milk. It’s not complicated and is a simple sign of respect for fellow employees.” He continued, “I am gravely serious when I write this — if I catch someone not replacing the milk, or at least, in the case where the downstairs store has closed already, not sending an e-mail to the office so the first person that arrives . . . can pick one up upon arrival — then I am going to fire you. I’m not joking.” He closed his letter, saying, “Have fun explaining that one to your next employer. This is not a empty threat, so PLEASE don’t test me.”


Should someone who doesn’t follow the milk rule be fired? What is the most ridiculous on-the-job (or at school) rule you’ve ever heard?

Kim 😉

Starbucks is thinking ahead… concerned that climate change could pose a risk to the future coffee bean supply, they are apparently making some alternate plans!

The problem is that coffee bean farmers are already seing the effects of climate change (changing rainfall patterns, severe weather, the presence of new pests…) and Starbucks is afraid that if conditions continue as they are, there will be a significant risk to their supply chain (10, 20 or even 30 years down the road–but still!).

So how are their tackling the problem and making sure the company is sustainable?!?! By hiring Yohana Bencosme, one of New York City’s trendiest juice gurus!! Yep! Starbucks is planning to start a juice bar business!!! Smoothies and wheatgrass will be added to their menu… 

Could you survive without coffee?!

Kim 😉

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job?! How would you do it?!

A hotel worker in Providence, Rhode Island posted a video online showing his dramatic approach to resigning from his job. In the video “Joey” — who censors his full name — hands his boss a letter before marching out as a marching band plays his exit music!

That’s going out with a bang… and a boom!

Kim 😉