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Have you ever wondered if your body was normal !? A new website shows how your body compares to those of other women.

My Body Gallery is a website where users upload their photos, tag them with their self-described height, weight, body type, pant size and shirt size. When you go on & put in your stats, you get to see women with the same ones.

Why would you seriously want to do this?!

Well, apparently, the goal is to help women objectively see what they look like and come to some acceptance that they are all beautiful. I know sounds cheesy, but if you think about it — women have skewed senses of their bodies!!  The founders of the site found that ”95% of non-eating disordered women overestimate the size of their hips by 16% and their waists by 25%, yet the same women were able to correctly estimate the width of a box”.

In a world full of images of how we ‘should’ look it can get difficult to tell how we DO look, I guess… I am going to try this out!

Kim 😉


I love that Gerard Depardieu has a sense of humor. The French actor — who made international headlines (and lost many fans) last month after peeing in the aisle of an airplane when he wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom — spoofed the incident in a new online video!! I have to admit, it is quite hilarious! 

In the clip, Depardieu plays Obelix, a French cartoon character who LOVES to eat wild boar. Gerard-as-Obelix — sitting next to Edouard Baer, his real-life travel companion from last month — throws a tantrum when he’s told he has to wait to eat boar. They use French terminology at the end that makes it sound like it could have been said in reference to his peeing incident, despite it being of him rushing to eat boar! I laughed out loud!

Hope it looks just as funny as it is if you don’t speak French!

As some of you might know, I am one of 10 finalists for Rogers’ Daytime Ottawa Co-Host Search. My live audition was yesterday (Sept. 6) and I have to admit that being on television was exhilirating!
There is this sensation you feel when you turn on the mic on the radio and know that this job is truly what makes you happy. I had the exact same feeling on camera at Daytime! It was fun, natural, exciting and just felt right!
While there, I filmed a little behind the scenes video blog for you to share in the experience — hope you enjoy it!
Now my destiny will be in your hands as of September 17th! I will need your votes to make it in the Top 3 that get a second chance at being on TV and vying for that much coveted spot of co-host!
No worries — I will remain here at BOOM with you as well — you’ll get to watch me during the day and listen at night! 🙂
Thanks for your support in advance and I am taking any tips on how to win this and be the best co-host, if you have any! 
Kim 😉
According to a new department store study, men between the ages of 55 and 59 actually prefer to wear speedos instead of longer, less offensive trunks.
The findings:
Teens: like wearing a longer length of trunk, often inspired by pop stars like Justin Beiber who wears over the knee trunks.
Guys between the ages of 28-35: trunk lengths creep back up as young men look to show off their bodies in order to find a partner –often trying to match Daniel Craig’s blue trunks as James Bond in Casino Royale.
Men from the age of 55 up to 59: swimming trunks often turn back into “banana hammocks.” I spare you the fright by not posting a photo 😉
Why? Not too sure, but some speculate that they feel the need to show off the “goods” to prove to themselves that [young] women still want to sleep with them and that they are still capable of “rising to the occasion.” Ewwww really?!?!
Kim 😉
It’s going to be hot this weekend and you want the kids to enjoy the outside as much as possible before they head back into school, so here is a cool way to cool them down!
Sword shaped popsicles!! I would have loved this as a kid!
If it’s too late to find this mold, then just get the normal popsicles and show your kids how to MAKE A POPSICLE STICK CATAPULT! That will keep them busy for a while!
Have a cool long weekend!
Kim 😉