Why I went back…

Over the summer, I had so much fun trying out different hair colours! Seeing if I felt more intelligent as a red head or had more fun as a blond... the conclusion was that I preferred the naturally brunette me!   So, understandably so, this new study makes me happy:  A study found that men, in... Continue Reading →


One of the greatest things about the Stanley Cup is that it actually gets to travel around for a day with the winning hockey players and meet up with fans in their hometowns. The trials and tribulations of Lord Stanley's chalice are long and much-documented. Children have been baptized from it. Dogs have eaten from it.... Continue Reading →

Wedding Registry for Foodies

What do you ask for as a wedding gift when you are not one to like asking for cash, but you also have been living with your partner for a while and just don't need anything really?!?!   A new registry now lets foodie brides and grooms ask for restaurant gift certificates as wedding gifts!!... Continue Reading →

Sexiest Jobs

An online poll in Sweden has concluded that Nurses and Doctors have the sexiest jobs! I am ready to bet that that result might apply to us Canadians too!! Hello McSteamy and McDreamy!! The two professions tied for 1st place, with each getting 20% of the votes. Men and women seem to be in agreement that... Continue Reading →

Diamond what?!

This planet is definitely a girl's best friend!   Astronomers say they have found a distant planet that could be made of diamond! "The evolutionary history and amazing density of the planet all suggest it is comprised of carbon -- i.e. a massive diamond . . . " HELLO?? FORGET FLYING TO MARS!! The planet... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Tweek…

George Lucas has gone back to the editing room for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga, as he always does whenever the Star Wars movies are to be released in a new format... what did he tweek this time?!   YODA!   For over a decade now, Star Wars fans have had... Continue Reading →

It’s a go!

Well, it's a go with ot without Mr Bill Murray!   That's what Dan Aykroyd said about Ghostbuster 3: ''We will be doing the movie and hopefully with Mr. Murray. That is our hope. (But) the concept is much larger than each individual role.''   The latest instalement will film in Spring 2012.   According to... Continue Reading →

How far would you go…

... to learn a new language?!   A 19-year-old British girl went quite far!   Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones had an operation to make her tongue longer so that she could speak Korean better!!! I am not kidding...   Rhiannon, who had been studying Korean for about two years, underwent a "lingual frenectomy" because she had trouble pronouncing... Continue Reading →


Really?!?!   A new fashion statement: the Monkey Tail beard!   I'm not kidding! There is a whole WEBSITE dedicated to this particular type of beard and a HOW-TO video on YouTube! Crazy!   I think I would shave my boyfriend in his sleep and blame it on sleepwalking or something! There is no way... Continue Reading →

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