Big Fat MONKEY Wedding!

This wedding had all the ingredients of a perfect Bollywood love story: emotion, celebration, star-crossed lovers and a nail-biting climax!   Add in to the mix the 2 lovers -- or should I say, 2 monkeys!!   You might have heard of the groom. He is ''Raju'' the cigarette smoking monkey from India.   Hindu... Continue Reading →

Don’t light that scented candle!!!!!

It might kill you! I'm not kidding!   Research has shown some scented candles produce smoke laced with almost as many toxins as those produced by cigarettes!!Since they are often lit in poorly ventilated rooms, such as bathrooms, or during the evening when windows are likely to be closed, the release of chemicals can cause... Continue Reading →

One busy brown bear!

I sometimes wonder who dedicates their life to this type of research but a study out today says that all polar bears descended from a single brown bear in Ireland!   Apparently, all polar bears are descended from a single female brown bear who lived along Atlantic shore of current-day Ireland some 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.... Continue Reading →

Does your man like girly drinks?!

Does you man prefer a cosmo over beer?! Will he suck it up in public as to not embarass himself by asking the bartender for a girlie drink?! If so, here is a solution taken from Men Health's Magazine on how to order a girly drink without seeming like a looser!!     Tell your man to not ask... Continue Reading →

Radio Makes People Happy!

Gotta love when a survey boosts your job! A new survey out of the UK found that radio makes people happier than TV or the web. Isn't that cool!?!   In the study, respondents said they experienced a 100% lift in happiness and 300% boost to their energy levels when listening to a radio show... Continue Reading →

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