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The number one question as these little beasts take over  — who do mosquitoes bite? At one time or another, you have probably been next to someone who never gets bitten while you’re getting eaten alive. Buggar!! Why? The theories are as plentiful as they are imaginative!

Some people say mosquitoes prefer women, blondes (!), the skin of people who eat a lot of sugar or who are of blood type O+. Some say obese people get bitten more and that since mosquitoes love bananas, if you eat them regularly, you’ll be easy prey! Do mosquitoes really hate garlic and will you help immunize yourself by eating more of it? The answer to all of that is NO!!

The most common explanation given in the scientific community is that mosquitoes choose their victims based on their body temperature, the by-products of bacterial decomposition on their skin and the makeup of their sweat. A person who sweats profusely is more likely to be bitten, just as is someone who produces more uric, lactic or fatty butyric acid. People who sweat a great deal of cholesterol or emit lots of carbon dioxide are also more likely targets.  Also, change your socks – mosquitoes love dirty socks!

Certain cosmetics can repel them, while others act as an attractant. Finally, some drugs for lowering cholesterol and treating cardiovascular disease are particularly alluring to the little vampires. Unfortunately, if mosquitoes like you, chances are they will for a long time, unless for some reason your body’s properties change. When it’s hot and humid, bug spray remains the best answer.
Fun facts
Only the females bite; males much prefer flower nectar. The females need the protein in our blood to lay their eggs. They collect 3 times their weight in blood. Itching is not caused by their stingers but by the saliva they inject into our skin to soften and better penetrate it. It causes an allergic reaction. The more we scratch the more it helps the saliva penetrate the skin. Interesting, no?!?!

Kim 😉


I have to say that this is the coolest set of photos I have seen in a while. Photographer Natsumi Hayashi makes flying look easy! She looks so fluid in her shots — everyday places, levitating! No special effects…


The self-portraits are actually the result of a lot of hard work. ”Sometimes I need to jump more than 300 times to get the perfect shot.”
Hayashi blogs a levitating picture-of-the-day each day on her website. Plus, she explains her vision and idea behind every pic –I just love it!
Kim 😉
In California this past weekend, over 50 mangy, hairless, and otherwise repugnant dogs went up against each other as their doggy stage moms bit their nails to see who would nab the prestigeous title of World’s Ugliest Dog!
This marked the 23rd year of the competition, which seeks to raise awareness for rescue pups by celebrating ugliness—buck teeth, asymmetry, general decrepitude.
Only one of these dogs walked away with the title of World’s Ugliest Dog.  Which one?!
YODA — a tiny, 2lbs 14 year-old Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix with shockingly skinny hairless legs, protruding tongue, almost no hair and one popping-out-of-head eye. See him in the ”flesh” here:
Yoda was found abandoned behind an apartment building. The owner said she first thought the pooch was a rat! She has now won 1000$ for having adopted the World’s Ugliest Dog! When you think about it, in doggy years, Yoda is 98 — he looks good for his age 😉
Kim 😉
Now this is something I am going to have to travel to see!
New York lawmakers have voted to allow Nik Wallenda to walk over 180-feet-high Niagara Falls — on a 2,200 foot long tight rope!!! He still needs permission from our Canadian officials though… I hope he gets it!
Nik is a member of the Flying Wallendas and says it’s been his dream to perform this stunt. He has until August to fund the stunt.
If he completes the walk, it’ll be the first time in over 100 years since anyone has successfully crossed the falls!!
Kim 😉 came out with a list of clothes that women love wearing but men hate seeing! Men think these articles of clothing are not only ugly but do not make a women’s body look nice…

Ugg Boots
But they are SO comfy!!! It’s understandable though… Most men prefer a sexy high stiletto over a chunky boot that hides the foot and ankle.

LOVE THEM!!! However, men think not many women can get away with wearing them. Why? They show off too much of your body shape and can be unflattering on certain body types. It’s best to stick with a pant that shows off your body, not make it look bigger. Best to keep the men guessing!

Harem Pants
Ok… I understand this one… it’s a tough tricky trend to pull off! Men this they are ugly because they hide our body and make our legs and hips look wider. In their eyes, these pants are for MC Hammer, period!

Booty Shorts
Summer time!!! Women are ditching pants and throwing on skirts and shorts. But we should be careful on the length. Rule of thumb: if you can see your bum, then it’s too short. One would think that guys would like this, but you would be wrong. It’s best to come off as classy, not trashy.

Sweatpants with words written across the bum
Same concept as the booty shorts! Too much attention for the derriere… guys like us women to be a tad more mysterious!

Hoop Earrings
We’re talking about the huge earrings that could rival the size of a basketball. Most of us at some point in our lives have worn large hoops but maybe we need to bring them down a size or two, if only for safety reasons. Men think they are in the way and just ghetto fabulous!!!

Gladiator Sandals
Although we think we look like Greek goddesses when we tie up their straps, men don’t think that at all. They find them massive, too flashy, and they take forever to put on (and take off). When in doubt, it’s best to stick to a cute heel!

What do you think of this list? Are there any other clothes or accessories you think should be banished from a woman’s closet?

Kim 😉

James Blunt stirred a bit of contraversy during his latest visit to Poland. He was there to perform at the Life Festival at Mosir Stadium, a few miles from the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

After his gig, he decided to visit the many historical sites around Auschwitz. He posed for a picture in front of a building under construction and posted it on Facebook with a caption joking ”Errr, this is my hotel in Poland.”

James’ remark led to more than 8,000 comments on his Facebook page. Some criticized the comment and accused him of being insensitive and rude, while others defended him.

Of course reports show that he was actually staying at a five-star hotel in Krakow and not the Nazi Death Camp and/or surroundings… 

Honestly, I think this is something I might have done. I am not saying it isn’t bad judgement to have done so, but I am saying that it is silly he got so many people upset by it. This is just another case where a celebrity’s comments on Facebook were used against them. In fact, James later defended his comment by saying that the city in which he was staying was very beautiful.

What do you think?

Kim 😉

If you are going out in the sun, wear dark coloured clothing.
”Wait a minute! I thought dark colors attracted the sun!” Yes, you are right, but although dark coloured clothing attracts more heat than light hues,  they actually offer greater UV protection because the rays can’t penetrate the fabric as well!
For instance, a dark green cotton shirt has a UPF (ultravilolet protection factor) of 10, whereas the same exact shirt in white has a UPF of 7.
Interesting, no?!
Kim 😉