Who Do Mosquitos Bite!?

The number one question as these little beasts take over  -- who do mosquitoes bite? At one time or another, you have probably been next to someone who never gets bitten while you're getting eaten alive. Buggar!! Why? The theories are as plentiful as they are imaginative! Some people say mosquitoes prefer women, blondes (!), the... Continue Reading →

World’s Ugliest Dog

In California this past weekend, over 50 mangy, hairless, and otherwise repugnant dogs went up against each other as their doggy stage moms bit their nails to see who would nab the prestigeous title of World's Ugliest Dog!   This marked the 23rd year of the competition, which seeks to raise awareness for rescue pups by celebrating... Continue Reading →

Tight-Rope across Niagara anyone?!

Now this is something I am going to have to travel to see!   New York lawmakers have voted to allow Nik Wallenda to walk over 180-feet-high Niagara Falls -- on a 2,200 foot long tight rope!!! He still needs permission from our Canadian officials though... I hope he gets it!   Nik is a... Continue Reading →

Ban Those Harem Pants!

Yahoo.ca came out with a list of clothes that women love wearing but men hate seeing! Men think these articles of clothing are not only ugly but do not make a women's body look nice... Ugg Boots But they are SO comfy!!! It's understandable though... Most men prefer a sexy high stiletto over a chunky... Continue Reading →

James Blunt Blunder

James Blunt stirred a bit of contraversy during his latest visit to Poland. He was there to perform at the Life Festival at Mosir Stadium, a few miles from the Auschwitz concentration camp.  After his gig, he decided to visit the many historical sites around Auschwitz. He posed for a picture in front of a building... Continue Reading →

Going in the sun?!

If you are going out in the sun, wear dark coloured clothing.   ''Wait a minute! I thought dark colors attracted the sun!'' Yes, you are right, but although dark coloured clothing attracts more heat than light hues,  they actually offer greater UV protection because the rays can't penetrate the fabric as well!   For... Continue Reading →

A little embarassing…

A school in New Zealand is more than a little embarassed after a student prank was immortalised on Google Earth...   Two years ago, students at Fairfield College etched giant phallic symbols onto its playing fields with weedkiller! Coincidentally, sattelites were taking pictures of the town for Google maps...   Recently, a local resident who was looking for... Continue Reading →

Cicada Ice Cream

Every 13 years, these really noisy bugs invade and plague the South and Midwest of the States -- the Cicada. One person found a solution on how to make them useful: why not use them in ice cream!! Sparky's, in Columbia, Mo., serves the apparently tasty treat! Yuck!   The bugs are plucked, boiled, coated in... Continue Reading →

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