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Many rock stars/athletes go into the hospitality business and Jon Bon Jovi is no different!
Set to open his Soul Kitchen on July 4th in Red Bank, New Jersey, Jon may differ from others in that he will not be looking for big spenders and money-spending fans to fill up his eatery. Billed as a non-profit community restaurant, diners will be invited to pay what they can, or “pay forward,” by helping out – setting tables, serving customers, or preparing food in the kitchen (which is run by a crew of professionals and volunteers). I LOVE the idea!

Soul Kitchen is part of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, a philanthropic body that funds services and programs for the needy.

I’m totally planning a trip to N.J. to see this! Who’s in?!

Kim 😉


Wonderful or wacky, whatever you think, the flamboyant hat worn by Princess Beatrice at the Royal wedding had many tongues wagging! Some compared the creation to a toilet seat and a giant pretzel, and it has inspired its own Facebook page, “Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous royal wedding hat”, which has a following of 137,000 people.

Guess what?!

It could be yours! Princess Beatrice has put the Philip Treacy creation she wore on eBay!

If you want this memorable (!) piece of art, you’ll need a pocket load of $$! With still 8 days to bid, the hat is now going for 11,570.89$

Proceeds of the sale will be split between charities: the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, and British charity Children in Crisis. In her words: “When my hat started getting so much publicity I really wanted to put it to the best possible use and try and raise some money for the children they help”.

Treacy, a world-famous London milliner, said he was “surprised by the overwhelming response to the hat” but welcomed the princess’s decision to use this to help out a good cause. “I hope that people all over the world will be generous and that this hat will benefit many. A hat is a symbol of positivity.”

The hat is described on the site as “a unique sculptural celebratory headpiece” made of tea rose silk, adding: “This is a gravity defying hat!”. No kidding!

Kim 😉

This story is just too adorable and actually gives a human touch the the Royal Wedding! Princes, princesses, 80 tiaras to chose from, 1900 guests… it just seems like it’s from another world… until to find out that Wiggly Worm made it to the wedding AND in the official photo!!
Eliza Lopes, the youngest member of the royal wedding party and Camilla’s granddaughter, made it into one of the official photos holding a wiggly worm (funny little fuzzy things that you can buy at the dollar store)! Apparently, Camilla was worried for the little bridesmaids so Prince Harry bought the wiggly worm to entertain Eliza and the others on the carriage ride back from the Abbey.

When the roar of the crowds began to scare Eliza (we all saw her concerned little face and hands on her ears while on the balcony), Harry pulled the worm out and distracted her. She had so much fun with it that the 3 year old refused to give it back or let go of it during the official photo shoot!!

So there you go! Cute little annecdote on how wiggly worm made it to the Royal Wedding!

Kim 😉

Moms are like the perfect mix of sweet and salt! So why not celebrate her with a recipe that also blends a perfect balance of both: Bacon & Nutella Napoleons!
This little creation is almost too easy to make. Dangerously easy!! It involves three stand-alone ingredients that when put together have a dark power~Bacon, Nutella, and Pound Cake.

To Prepare:

Sizzle up some strips of bacon and drain on a paper towel. Slice a pound cake into 1/4 inch slices. Then use a cookie cutter to cut small circles of cake.

Place some Nutella in a piping bag (or plastic bag with the corner snipped off) and layer the pound cake, Nutella and b-strips.

Drizzle a little extra Nutella on top and sprinkle with a touch of sea salt.


My mouth is watering!!!
Kim 😉
So Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor & Marlon Brando go on a road trip…. I know it sounds like a bad joke, but it apparently happened right after 9/11 as they all tried to escape Manhattan.
In reality, it’s a bizarre tale that’s part of an article in Vanity Fair‘s June issue.
It’s reported that Liz and Marlon were in town to see an MJ concert at Madison Square Gardens when 9/11 happened. Jackson became concerned that they might all three be targets, so took it upon himself to get them to safety. A former employee of Jackson’s reportedly told the magazine, “They actually got as far as Ohio — all three of them, in a car they drove themselves!”
Sound far-fetched? That’s what one of Taylor’s assistants/close personal friends has already said. This former employee, refuted the account and claimed that following the 9/11 attacks, Taylor was actually at an armory tending to people frantic to touch base with their family members and meeting with first responders at Ground Zero.
So we will never know if it is true, but it’s a great story! The Godfather, the King of Pop and Cleopatra were once on a road trip together… 
Kim 😉
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon were not going for lunch in their Rolls-Royce Phantom yesterday… they were rushing to the hospital!!
So nervous, Nick Cannon apparently went to the wrong department at the hospital! haha He was guided to the maternity ward by a nurse and it was there that at 12:07pm he became a daddy to twins — a boy and a girl!

The girl was born first, weighing five pounds, three ounces, and her brother was born next, weighing five pounds, six ounces.

The babies have not yet been named.

The couple are expected to renew their wedding vows today — I guess that will have to wait a little!


Kim 😉

If you are a fans of The Office, you were glued to the tube Thursday night for Steve Carell’s final episode as Michael Scott…
Many were sad to see Michael Scott leave Dunder Mifflin behind for Colorado (and Carell to other projects). However, the saddest people were most likely the other cast members of The Office

NBC just released a candid interview from Angela Kinsey’s trailer on set, as Carell recounts some of his favorite moments over the course of his 7 seasons on the ahow & bids a sincere goodbye to his fans.

Watch it HERE

I am sure he is going to be missed!