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Have you ever dreamed of being a castmember on Glee? Well, one of these 12 wannabes will be Glee‘s newest edition!
The Glee Project is a new 10 episode TV reality show where contestants will be pared down through a series of “homework assignments” orchestrated by the Glee creators that will assess their singing, dancing, and acting.
If a guy wins, he will most likely become Mercedes’ love interest!
Find out more about the 12 Glee wannabes and where they were discovered HERE (lower in the article, below the pic)!
If only I could sing… and dance… or act! haha
Kim 😉

See mom — Easter Eggs DO grow on trees!! Or at least they do in Germany’s Volker Kraft’s apple tree!

In 1965, the Krafts decked their tree for Easter with 18 artfully decorated eggs — a popular tradition in Germany. These days, the tree carries 9,800 brightly coloured Easter eggs and is quite the tourist attraction — it drew more than 13,000 visitors last year!

What I love about this story is how much of a family activity is has remained. The Kraft’s 40 year old daughter still blows out real eggs and paints them — something she has been doing with her dad since the age of 4!

When will they stop?! The Krafts plan to add another 200 eggs next year, bringing his total to 10,000 – and then stop, if only because they’re running out of room to store the mountain of boxes!!!

I wonder what they do for Christmas!?

Kim 😉

It’s an odd fashion but it is everywhere! Pyjama Dressing can be attributed to LA starlets like Nicole Ritchie & big name designers who think that this might be the best mix of leisure, comfort and style!

Pajama dressing is all about dressing in your sexiest pajamas meaning your silks, lace, sheer, and bold colours. But the key to pulling it off is to wear these fabrics without looking like you’re headed to the boudoir. With floral back in style–that’s really kicked up a knotch… antique nightgown looking ballet tops, kimono looks — all reminiscent of the pyjama! 

How to make pajama dressing appropriate?! Here are tips from

1. Don’t Overdo It!

When incorporating pajama dressing into your style it wouldn’t be ideal to pajama dress from head-to-toe unless, you were planning to wear a sheer maxi dress overtop a blazer.

2. Minimal Accessories

Pajama dressing is all about taking chances and being bold, so you don’t want to distract your onlookers from your clothes with your larger-than-life accessories. Keep it simple, let your clothes speak for themselves don’t disguise your statement with accessories save it for another outfit.

Tip: Small accessories are fine, nothing too bold!

3. Bare Arms or No Bare Arms?

Pajama dressing is already sexy enough never mind baring your arms. To make your outfit workplace appropriate I would suggest a blazer or some sort of a jacket over top. For your nightlife, let’s say you wanted to go out for drinks after work you can take off the jacket to make it more nightlife appropriate and add an more accessories if you feel. This is what’s so great about pajama dressing the outfits are very interchangeable, with a minor outfit adjustment you can be ready for the office or after work drinks.

Pajama dressing is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about looking too raunchy because the sexiest bedroom wear is sheer, lace, silk, and bold colors; everything that’s in this season! Really get creative and push yourself to the limit with this one, wear your sexiest boudoir on top of a blazer and minimal accessories!

I’m not sure if I will be on track with this fashion, but hey! I can now say that I am stylish when lounging around the house!

Kim 😉

Last week, so many of you pitched in when I asked how to eat a banana (from the top or the bottom) — who knew so many of you were passionate about bananas!?! haha
So this week, I thought I’d put together a couple of cool banana facts together!
First off, bananas have been bred to not produce seeds, which means that bananas aren’t able to reproduce naturally. They can only spread when a human cuts from the base of another plant to make a new one. I want a banana tree!
Did you know that banana peels can be used to purify water? Yep!! Researchers in Brazil found banana peels to be superior to many synthetic filtration materials developed within the past ten years! Peels are easy to renew, and can be used up to eleven times before wearing out. Compounds in the peels contain nitrogen, sulfur, and organic compounds such as carboxylic acids. These acids contain negatively-charged electron pairs which can attract metals that are commonly found in water, such as lead or copper, because they typically have a positive charge. There’s an idea for your kids science fair!!!
You can also use the inside of a banana peel to polish leather shoes & silverwear and to stop mosquito bites from itching (it helps to get rid of all that stringy stuff on the inside first)! You can even rub the banana peel on your houseplants to make them look shinier.
The actual banana can be turned into a smooth paste to use as a moisturizer for your face.  Heck, you can tenderize a roast with a banana too!
Bananas are awesome!
Why not go full out bananas on the topic and CHECK OUT some pretty cool (yet creepy) banana sculptures too!
Kim 😉


Posted on: April 17, 2011

This is scary — the sound of the earthquake that shook Japan was captured/recorded by an underwater microphone near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands (just over 1448km from the epicenter of the quake — that’s the distance between here and Thunder Bay).
God–it feels like an earthquake just listening to it from that far… imagine how it felt on location! Scary!

Kim 😉

First, it was Jesus on a toast… now, it’s Kate Middleton on a jellybean!!

I am not kidding! A couple enjoying a jar of jelly beans said they found a speckled jelly bean that looks like it has Kate Middleton’s face on it.
“As [my girlfriend] opened the jar, I saw her immediately. She was literally lying there staring back at me. Given that the royal wedding is only a few weeks away, we hope to make a few pounds out of it by selling it on the internet to a collector,” said 25 year-old Wesley Hosie. Of course they do!!!
A manager at The Jelly Bean Factory said, “All of our beans are handmade and this looks like one of our red speckled Mango beans, the natural speckles are unique to each and every jelly bean due to the handmade process.” I wonder if they are going to rename it Royal Mango…
Hosie and his girlfriend plan to sell the bean on eBay for 500 pounds (about $800).
Kim 😉
A teacher in Arizona, Cord Ivanyi, was tired of seeing boys physically push aside girls as they rushed through the classroom door. So he set up a set of classroom rules on chivalry:
– boys would hold doors for girls;
– boys would ask girls if they would like to be seated;
– boys would offer to take girls’ backpacks before they sit down;
– boys would stand if a girl leaves the room;
– girls would be served first if food is in the classroom.
“It’s teaching them social grace. It’s things they should know when they do go out on dates.” All the students, boys and girls, were reportedly awkward about the mandated chivalry at first. But apparently, the girls are enjoying the chivalry and some chivalrous behavior is even extending beyond the classroom. Isn’t that just wonderful! You’d think all parents would be happy about this!
However, parents are torn on the issue… While some are extatic that their children are learning good manners and how to be considerate of other people, others think the idea behind chivalry is to treat women as if they are of a different status — which is, in their mind, old school and even sexist…
Kim 😉