The Glee Project

Have you ever dreamed of being a castmember on Glee? Well, one of these 12 wannabes will be Glee's newest edition!   The Glee Project is a new 10 episode TV reality show where contestants will be pared down through a series of “homework assignments” orchestrated by the Glee creators that will assess their singing,... Continue Reading →

Easter Eggs DO Grow On Trees!!

See mom -- Easter Eggs DO grow on trees!! Or at least they do in Germany's Volker Kraft's apple tree! In 1965, the Krafts decked their tree for Easter with 18 artfully decorated eggs -- a popular tradition in Germany. These days, the tree carries 9,800 brightly coloured Easter eggs and is quite the tourist... Continue Reading →

Lounge around in your PJs all day…

...literally!!   It's an odd fashion but it is everywhere! Pyjama Dressing can be attributed to LA starlets like Nicole Ritchie & big name designers who think that this might be the best mix of leisure, comfort and style!   Pajama dressing is all about dressing in your sexiest pajamas meaning your silks, lace, sheer, and... Continue Reading →

Go Bananas!

Last week, so many of you pitched in when I asked how to eat a banana (from the top or the bottom) -- who knew so many of you were passionate about bananas!?! haha   So this week, I thought I'd put together a couple of cool banana facts together!   First off, bananas have... Continue Reading →


This is scary -- the sound of the earthquake that shook Japan was captured/recorded by an underwater microphone near Alaska's Aleutian Islands (just over 1448km from the epicenter of the quake -- that's the distance between here and Thunder Bay).   Listen in:   God--it feels like an earthquake just listening to it from that... Continue Reading →

A Royal Jelly Bean?!

First, it was Jesus on a toast... now, it's Kate Middleton on a jellybean!! I am not kidding! A couple enjoying a jar of jelly beans said they found a speckled jelly bean that looks like it has Kate Middleton's face on it.   "As [my girlfriend] opened the jar, I saw her immediately. She... Continue Reading →

Is Chivalry Dead?!

A teacher in Arizona, Cord Ivanyi, was tired of seeing boys physically push aside girls as they rushed through the classroom door. So he set up a set of classroom rules on chivalry:   - boys would hold doors for girls; - boys would ask girls if they would like to be seated; - boys... Continue Reading →

George Michael’s Royal Wedding Gift

George Michael was not invited to the Royal Wedding, but has a wedding "gift" for Prince William and Kate Middleton -- a cover of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit You And I.   You can see an interview with George Michael and hear the song HERE. It's a free download on HIS website, but he is encouraging... Continue Reading →

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