Good Luck Foods for 2011!

Yep--that's me, at the stroke of midnight last year, eating 12 grapes... one for every stroke of the clock. Why?! I was told it was good luck!! Each New Year’s, revelers around the world chow down on specific foods to summon good luck for the next 365 days. While some traditions call for noodles and... Continue Reading →


I think I found my new best friend! God knows I like keeping my wine glass close by, but I am also the kodak kid of the party and that girl who talks a lot with her hands -- two hard feats while holding a glass of wine!   My problem has just been solved with the... Continue Reading →

How bad can it be?!

How bad can it be?! You know your beloved's (or ex-beloved's) password -- or you know you can guess it -- you just want to know the truth... You're already hurt so you think that what you will read won't hurt more...  so you go ahead and read the stuff that is in their personal email. You’re not... Continue Reading →

Step aside Hockey Night in Canada!

So you think Canadians enjoy nothing more than watching hockey?! You're wrong! A new study has found that YouTube is also a major source of pleasure among Canadians! Actually, Canada leads the world when it comes to watching content on YouTube, beating out even the United States where per capita consumption is concerned. According to... Continue Reading →

Lose Weight Watching TV

So I got all excited when I saw the title of this article in Cosmo: "Lose Weight While Watching TV" -- now that's my kind of weight loss!!   Once I started to read the article, I was less excited as exercise is actually involved (haha), but I thought it was still good enough to... Continue Reading →


For the second year in a row, "whatever" was crowned the most annoying word in the English language!!   Americans were polled and these were the top 5 most annoying words/sentences of the English language:   5. Actually 4. To tell you the thruth 3. You know what I mean 2. Like 1. Whatever  ... Continue Reading →

Weird Things Pets Ate in 2010

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (in the US), policyholders spent almost $3 million treating cats and dogs that ingested foreign objects in 2010!! What they did swallow?! Christmas ornaments, a tent door, a frisbee, a tampon, and a bikini were among the items pets found tasty in 2010! A bikini?!?! haha What other objects did pets... Continue Reading →

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