Did you know?!

Did you know?! I think that is what I am going to call my random fact segment! haha   I found another cool fact this morning -- TOTALLY did not know this!   Did you know that the red liquid in raw meat is NOT blood!   Almost all the blood is removed during the... Continue Reading →

Would you Quit Facebook/Twitter for Charity!?

That's what Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Serena Williams, Usher, Elijah Wood, Jennifer Hudson and many other celebrities will be doing! They will temporarily sign off their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in support of an AIDS charity. The stars have joined a campaign called Digital Life Sacrifice on behalf of Keys's charity, Keep... Continue Reading →

Grey’s goes musical!

It's been confirmed -- Grey's Anatomy will be doing a musical episode this season! Really?!?!    Shonda Rhimes told the Tv Guide:  "We're not doing what anybody would call a typical musical episode . . . Nobody is going to be dancing and singing down the halls - that's not our show . . . You... Continue Reading →

Pretty Crazy!

Now this is pretty crazy research findings!! Apparently, pregnant women who smoke give birth to criminals! Scientist have found that smoking during pregnancy can cause harm to the child's developing brain -- impairing the transmission of chemical signals important for attention and impulse control -- putting them at greater risk of having a long-term criminal record. The... Continue Reading →

Hot guys and baby animals!

Hot guys and cute pets... you'd think that it would be the perfect combo to make you go AWWWE SOOOO CUTE! haha   That's what the founders at Hot Guys and Baby Animals thought... a whole website of articles that combine "your two favorite things".   Their hottest item?? The Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar!... Continue Reading →

I Love Cookie Monster!

In case you missed this news earlier in the week, it looks like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster wants to host Saturday Night Live!   My favorite muppet made an audition tape that's been posted on YouTube / Facebook and I gotta say that in the 4min video, Cookie Monster looks good and ready for such a gig! He says he... Continue Reading →

Kiss or Facebook?!

Would you rather kiss your partner goodnight or check your Facebook page one last time? Apparently, Facebook wins!! An Angus Reid survey found 75% of Canadians who use social media admit the last thing they do at night, and the first thing they do in the morning, is reach for an electronic device and check... Continue Reading →

Comet the Goldfish!

He has to be the smartest goldfish around!!   Check out Comet's story! Would you train your fish to do tricks?   My dog can play dead! haha I don't think you want to teach a goldfish that trick -- might risk having it flushed!   Kim 😉

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