Worst Anthem Ever?

Colbie Caillat sang the National Anthem at a NFL game a couple weeks ago and some people are now saying that it deserves to be in the top 10 worst sports national anthems ever!!   That's a bit much! One site even went as far as saying that one should not " swing your hips like that while... Continue Reading →

Super Kim’s Video Debut!

Yesterday, I've accomplished the scariest thing I've ever had to do! I rappelled off the 18th floor of a hotel for charity!   I knew what i was getting into. Having worked with children with disabilities, I knew about Easter Seals and how they helped those families in need. So, I definitely wanted to be a... Continue Reading →

Watermelon girl

The new season of the Amazing Race starts tonight, but already a clip of the show has gone viral on the internet!   Let me introduce you to "Watermelon Girl": Ouch! She will forever be known as watermelon girl... it  could have been worst -- imagine if those were apples or pineapples! Rocks!!!! Ohhhh   I can't wait to... Continue Reading →


Now this is nuts! Pure table drumming talent! I LOVE this! It's like they are tap dancing but with their hands! haha   Kim 😉

Bublé goes Bieber!

It looks like Michael Bublé is the latest celeb to have contracted Bieber Fever, after an image of him dressed as Justin Bieber has emerged!   Donning a blue hoody, purple t-shirt and Bieber's trademark hair-do for his new video Hollywood, Bublé can be seen in this photo doing his best Bieber impression as he slouches on... Continue Reading →


The price of gold hit record levels this week, creeping close to US$1,300 per ounce!!   By consequence, many of you might be tempted to dig into your jewelry boxes and cash in with companies that deal in scrap gold. Sure, they'll give you cash for your gold, but how to make sure you're getting the money... Continue Reading →

Are you lucky?

A lot of people believe that they were born either lucky or unlucky. But a recent article says that luck is really all a matter of outlook and attitude!   Author Richard Wiseman recruited hundreds of self-identified lucky and unlucky volunteers, and spent a decade interviewing them, testing them, and having them complete diaries and... Continue Reading →

Hi Mom… nice beard!

Every adopted child wonders who his biological mother is. Movie star? Cook? Teacher? Maybe a big-shot CEO? "My whole life growing up, I thought my mom was Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane, but that was just my fantasy. This is kind of better," said Richard Lorenc. His mother turned out to be a sideshow bearded... Continue Reading →

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