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Taylor Swift in the Bowling Hall of Fame??

Posted on: August 2, 2010

Did you know it was National Bowling Week (July 31 to August 7)??
For the first time in bowling history, the industry has opened up the Hall of Fame celebrity induction process to the fans – and the votes are pouring in!! Since the fan polls opened on July 12, more than 1.2 million votes have been cast at in a roller-coaster competition that has seen the front-runner position shift from early vote leader Jeff Bridges to a neck-in-neck competition between Justin Bieber (600,738 votes) and Taylor Swift (599,459 votes).  
The final votes will be tallied on World Record Day, August 7th, a day on which more than 3,000 centers across the United States will join forces to try to set a new world record for the most bowling games played in a 24 hour period. The inductee will then be announced exclusively in the August 23 issue of OK! Magazine!

I love bowling! I’m super good on the Wii!! I want to be in the Hall of Fame!!

Kim 😉


2 Responses to "Taylor Swift in the Bowling Hall of Fame??"

Hi Kim,

Sorry to bother you, are you still radio presenting and playing Irish material?

Just trying to keep our mailing list up to date!


Thomas Maguire

Hi Thomas!
I am still in radio but in Ottawa now and not Irish related! Amber Lebrun is now the one to contact at CJAD 🙂

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