Only in Texas!

One of the main topics of conversation in the US these days is the recession and how many school boards continue to deal with the fall-out of it -- school closures, massive budget cuts... Not at this Texas High School!! Allen High School in Texas received approval from its school board to build an 18,000-seat football stadium, with construction... Continue Reading →

Now that’s a car!

Ok... I am not one to be impressed by car, but I gotta say that this is pretty swanky!   Rolls-Royce unveiled a one-off custom Phantom Drophead Coupé to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It features a custom paint colour called Stillwater Blue, has a navy blue soft top lined with... Continue Reading →

SEXY Granny Undies?!

Mad Men's success is evident! The show has several nods in the drama categories of tonight's Emmy Awards and, a sure sign of success, has created a fashion trend! Mad Men is bringing back old fashion underwear! Maidenform, an 88-year-old lingere company,  feels the new lift! The company announced a new partnership with Janie Bryant, the costume... Continue Reading →

There is no love…

There is truly no more love in between Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler!   On August 12, the band was performing "Sweet Emotion" at a concert in Wantagh, NY when Steven Tyler accidentally hit guitarist Joe Perry in the head with his mic stand. Joe Perry reacts by throwing his guitar and walking away...... Continue Reading →


Even though bananas are the third most popular fruit in the world, many live in fear of them... it's called bananaphobia.   I'm not kidding!   It's unknown how many people actually suffer from bananaphobia, but symptoms range from gagging, hyperventilating and stomach sickness to actually tears and need to run away!   Basically, bananas... Continue Reading →

The Odd Couple

I have to say that I know I am the mushy type of girl. However, I think anyone would love this story and have a little tinge of love for this odd couple!   Check it out: Such a great story!   Kim 😉

Mr Right!

Did you know that the average single lady dates about 24 guys before finding Mr. Right!!   According to a new survey, during this mating game, the women reported spending more than $3000 overall on their quest for true love!!!! That's about $125 per suitor...Holy! That's a lot of money!!   I'm single and just bought... Continue Reading →

What would you want?!

I was thinking about those 33 Chilean gold and copper miners who have been trapped for nearly three weeks underground after a tunnel collapse... This weekend, they discovered that they were miraclelously still alive, but announced the bad news that they may have to face up to a four-month additional wait before they can be... Continue Reading →

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