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One of the main topics of conversation in the US these days is the recession and how many school boards continue to deal with the fall-out of it — school closures, massive budget cuts… Not at this Texas High School!!

Allen High School in Texas received approval from its school board to build an 18,000-seat football stadium, with construction costs expected to reach $59.6 million. It will apparently be the fifth-largest football HIGH SCHOOL stadium in the state and will replace their current 7,000 seats stadium built in 1976.

Allen, TX resident and mother of a player Jo Hudson told USA Today, “Last year and this year, I could hardly get a seat in the stands. After you get done with the band (670 members), the cheerleaders, the extra groups, the student body (5,049 enrollment in grades 9-12, according to the state association), there’s not a lot of seats left.”

Do you really need to sit 18,000 people at a High School football game?!

Ok… Ok… I know that many Canadian Hockey League juniors are high school-aged and play in arenas seating close to 20,000, but those rinks aren’t usually built on the school board budget and I’d be surprised to hear that they cost so much…

I guess that’s Texas for you!!

Kim 😉

Ok… I am not one to be impressed by car, but I gotta say that this is pretty swanky!
Rolls-Royce unveiled a one-off custom Phantom Drophead Coupé to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It features a custom paint colour called Stillwater Blue, has a navy blue soft top lined with cashmere and a Crème Light leather. One of the Phantom’s most impressive features though is the fully-fitted champagne service set concealed beneath the luggage compartment floor, which has crystal flutes, a teak covered picnic deck and a refrigerated cabinet!!
How crazy is that?!
What’s even crazier is that is sold within minutes!!
Kim 😉

Mad Men’s success is evident! The show has several nods in the drama categories of tonight’s Emmy Awards and, a sure sign of success, has created a fashion trend!

Mad Men is bringing back old fashion underwear!

Maidenform, an 88-year-old lingere company,  feels the new lift! The company announced a new partnership with Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men — and is aiming to steer young women away from the sexy fashions at Victoria’s Secret, and into the same brand their moms and grandmas wore!!!

We all know that bras and shapewear are an important investment for any woman. Pair that with how many people follow the show and you can clearly start a trend!

No more laughing at Granny undies!


There is truly no more love in between Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Steven Tyler!
On August 12, the band was performing “Sweet Emotion” at a concert in Wantagh, NY when Steven Tyler accidentally hit guitarist Joe Perry in the head with his mic stand. Joe Perry reacts by throwing his guitar and walking away…
Check out the video!
A couple days later, the band was performing in Toronto when Tyler and Perry were performing on an extended stage ramp. After Tyler playfully bumps a soloing Perry, Perry — who was not facing Tyler — bumps him back, sending Tyler head-first into the crowd. Perry eventually helps Tyler back on stage and Tyler gives him a playful twirl…. Mmmmm playful or acting playfully!? WATCH & JUDGE for yourself!
I smell some bitterness!
Kim 😉
Even though bananas are the third most popular fruit in the world, many live in fear of them… it’s called bananaphobia.
I’m not kidding!
It’s unknown how many people actually suffer from bananaphobia, but symptoms range from gagging, hyperventilating and stomach sickness to actually tears and need to run away!
Basically, bananas drive them bananas!

Look at the video of this girl trying to get over her fear–she must really love her boyfriend for doing this: 

I have to say that I know I am the mushy type of girl. However, I think anyone would love this story and have a little tinge of love for this odd couple!
Check it out:
Such a great story!
Kim 😉
I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS drunk!

A Polish man living in Germany was stunned to find out that he had a bullet in his head!

The man recalls receiving a blow to the head at a New Year’s party five years ago, but had kind of forgotten about it because he was very drunk!!

The discovery was made when he recently went to the doctor to have a lump examined. Police are not treating the incident as malicious: “It may have been a shot fired up in the air which entered his head on the way down.”

The bullet has been removed and the man is doing fine.

Check out this X-Ray of the bullet in his head!!


Kim 😉