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It’s a catchy line, no?! You’ve got to admit that it caught your attention! That was the idea behind the ad campain for Tricketts, a door and window company in Wales that used that slogan with the picture of a topless woman discreetly covered by a pair of door knockers!!!
“We sell big knockers…..Window Hinges, Door Handles, Window Handles …”
I love it!
Well, one pruny lady didn’t think it was so funny and complained to the Advertising Standards Agency, saying that she found the poster offensive… So Tricketts had to pull their ad… after 2 months of it being on display and many thinking it was quite humourous! Boooo to the lady that complained! I understand where she is coming from & what she sees as offensive, but it’s just funny — a good play on words! She was probably that upset because she has small knockers 😉 hahaha
Kim 😉
Drew Carey isn’t the fat guy anymore!!!
Drew has been known for his teddy bear-like frame — one of his signature characteristics since The Drew Carey Show — but no more… On a no carb diet, he’s dropped 80 pounds since January!!!!
He told People magazine: “I like being skinny. I was sick of being fat on the camera. Really, I just got sick of it. Once I started losing weight, again, like once I started dropping a couple pant sizes, then it was easy ’cause once you see the results, then you don’t wanna stop.”

He is not stopping now — from a size 44 pants, he is now a size 34 and, ultimately, he wants to shed 10 more pounds to fit into size 32s.

I  got to say though, I prefered the chubby Drew. What about you?

Kim 😉

… literally!!!

Katy Perry, Pink, Nelly Furtado and 60 of the biggest stars in sport, pop, music, comedy and film have donated their shoes for a landmine clearance charity auction.

The Mines Advisory Group (Mag) say that they’ve been totally overwhelmed by the support they’ve had from celebrities who’ve given up their shoes to help those affected by conflict. You can help too! Support a good cause and you’ll be able to literally walk in your favorite celebrity’s shoes!

The auction has been launched on eBay with the last bids being taken on Sunday August 1. More details are available at

Kim 😉

Gotta love Quebecers!!!  When they are mad — you do not want to mess with them… especially not this guy!
Click on the link below the picture to see what this Quebecer did when he heard about his property tax increase:
If he owes you money, don’t make him upset… he has all those pennies to use!
Kim 😉

Would you buy someone’s teeth?? No matter how famous that person is, I would NOT! It’s just gross… However, looks like not everyone thinks like me as a set of dentures made for Britain’s war-time Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, sold for 24 560$ today!!!!

Known as “the teeth that saved the world”, the false teeth were specially designed to preserve Churchill’s natural lisp on morale-boosting radio broadcasts he made during World War II. They were being auctioned off today by the son of the man who made them… apparently, only four sets of the dentures were made. One is believed to have gone to the grave with him, another is in a London museum labelled “the teeth that saved the world” and a third was melted down. A British collector believed they were worth having and worth spending almost 25 grand on!!

Fun fact about them: Churchill used to vent his war-time frustrations by flicking the dentures out of his mouth! He would put his thumb behind the front of the teeth and just flick them! Some say they could tell how well the war effort was going by how far they went across the room and whether they hit the opposite wall!!!


Would you ever buy someone else’s teeth?? If so, what would you do with them?


Kim 😉

This has to be the BEST or WORST prank EVER!
Check out this video as a pilot pretends to pass out in the cockpit. His poor passenger is recording the ordeal and FREAKS out!
What do you think? BEST or WORST prank ever?
Kim 😉
If you have not heard, you can now get your TomTom GPS to give you directions in the voices of your favorite Star Wars characters!
By visiting TomTom’s wbsite, you can get the voice of Darth Vader or Yoda downloaded to your GPS device and then have them guide you in your everyday escapades!
For your pleasure, I have found the behind the scenes videos of DarthVader and Master Yoda recording their TomTom voices. Check them out:
Kim 😉