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What were your goals at 13??

I wanted to be a doctor, but that was long term… Short term? Mmmm Kiss that cute Benjamin, who to this day I still have a crush on… maybe coax my mom into buying me those cool kicker shoes and if I really stretch my 13-year-old-goal-oriented-mind of the time, maybe I was hoping for a gold medal in one of my figure skating competions!! I was nowhere as ambitious as Jordan Romero–a 13 year old American kid now famous for being the youngest to conquer Mount everest! How crazy is that!

It happened last week and Jordan is literally on top of the world with happiness! Three years younger than the previous record holder, Jordan says that this was actually NOT his ultimate goal. Can you believe that!? He wants to be the youngest to conquer the tallest peaks on all 7 continents!

Unacheivable you say? Well, He now has only the Vinson Massif in Antarctica to climb!!

Kim 😉


Not only is she expecting, but she’s also getting married! One stone, 2 birds!!!

After weeks of wedding rumours and/or baby basket watching, Alicia Keys confirmed that not only is she’s engaged to longtime collaborator, Swizz Beatz, but that there is a bun in her oven!

Keys, 29, and Swizz Beatz, 31, will wed in a private ceremony later this year. Swizz Beatz finalized his divorce from ex-wife, R&B singer Mashonda, just last month! Mmmmm was Keys a homewreaker as well? lol We haven’t heard her to be another Liann Rimes (!) and Swizz actually addressed those rumours telling MTV: “Everybody can have their fun right now talking that dumb sh– about my divorce and all that,” he said. “I’m a give them something to talk about. People get divorced every f—in’ day. They need to worry about more serious things.” Now that’s direct! haha

The marriage and baby will both be firsts for Keys. Swizz has two kids from previous relationships: Kasseem Jr., 3, and Prince Nasir, 9.


Kim 😉

So not only did I see 2 garage sales on my way to work this morning, but everyone in the city is talking about the 25th anniversary of the Great Glebe Garage Sale going down today, 9-3, rain or shine!!! So much so that I stopped at a cash machine to be ready for it! The goal of the day for you sellers is to make sure you end up with as little items as possible that you have to store back into the house until your next garage sale… to help you with that, here are a couple of pricing tricks from the Wallstreet Journal:

1) Make sure the first number in your sale price is as little as possible; so instead of writing 20$, which we tend to do in order to round up the price–write 19.99$. Reseach found that our brain is wired to subcounciously be attracted by that lower first number, even if it is just a penny difference!! Apparently, item priced as such will sell twice as fast!

2) Try to make the last three digits in the price identical; If you’re selling your old lawnmower, price it at 125.55$. Why? Well, for some reason, our brain finds this much more appealing and it makes the price easier to remember. That way, your price will stay stuck in the buyer’s head if they chose to go see what your neighbor has before buying from you!!

There you go! Happry pricing and happy shopping! See you there!

Kim 😉


Posted on: May 30, 2010

Rumours, mostly fueled by People magazine, are saying that Quebec chanteuse Celine Dion is pregnant… not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins!!!! Since, out of all my trashy magazines, People is the most trustworthy one — it must be true!!

Celine, 42, and her hubby, Rene Angelil, have been trying to give Rene-Charles (now 9 years old) a sibbling for quite a while now. It’s said that she finally got pregnant with twins after her 6th round of in-vitro fertilization treatment.

Celine would be in her 14th week o pregnancy and is ecstatic and hoping for a healthy pregnancy.

I am hoping for girls so that she can let them grow their hair as long as they want without confusing us on the gender of the child!

Kim 😉

You better go brush your teeth if you don’t want to die of a heart attack“, that’s the new threat parents can now use to scare their kids into brushing their teeth!! Believe it or not, they wouldn’t be lying.

A new research out of London and published last week in the British Medical Journal has found that people with poor oral hygiene are more at risk of heart disease compared to those who brushed their teeth twice a day!

11,000 people in Scotland were looked at, covering their medical history, family records of disease and lifestyle. Seven out of 10 reported they brushed their teeth twice a day and six out of 10 said they visited the dentist every six months. Not bad! But for those who were less frequent in their brushing, there was a 70% extra risk of heart disease!

What makes it even scarier is that the results were unchanged when risk factors such as social class, obesity, smoking and a family history of heart disease were taken into account. Isn’t that crazy!

Ok… calm down… I didn’t want to freak you out! Researchers also found that the overall risk is low!! It’s quite unclear whether poor dental hygiene is the cause of heart disease OR simply an indicator of risk.

Go brush your teeth now!!

Kim 😉

I was scared this would happen when I heard the news last week that Bono had injured his back during a rehersal for U2’s World Tour and was rushed to the hospital for surgery… The kickoff date was postponed at that time and speculations that the rest of the tour would be affected floated around… Well, they are no longer speculations…

Let’s hear it all together: ”NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

YESSSS… sorry to be the barer of bad news, but Bono requires a “minimum” of eight weeks to recuperate, so U2 has now OFFICIALLY cancelled their Canadian Tour… If you feel relieved as you were smart enough to buy tickets to see them in the States, well… those dates are cancelled too! The whole North American tour is now on the backburner until sometime in 2011.

I guess fronting the most massive tour in recent history truly is backbreaking labour…

Kim 😉