Where would you go?!

It's no longer just a story worthy of Harry Potter, invisibility cloaks are now a reality!!!


Lucky bastard!

A British bus driver won the lottery a day after finalising his divorce! Lucky bastard!

I Never Thought I’d say this…

I never thought I'd say this, but Heidi Montag is actually funny!



Sandra Bullock -- classy with a big C!! She is classiness embodied in the cutest lady ever!


Loosen up people!

I seriously have issues with people making a fuss about this air traffic controller at JFK airport who brought his kid to work and let him help a little.


“Out of the box” bride…

Do you want your bride to be a bit more "out of the box"? How about literally??!! A Canadian branch of the Volga Girls mail-order bride service is now officially open, providing Canada-specific services to men looking for wives a bit more "out of the box" (up until now, you had to go through an... Continue Reading →


Raining Cats & Dogs… or Fish!

A remote desert town in Australia was bombarded by fish falling from the sky!


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