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It’s no longer just a story worthy of Harry Potter, invisibility cloaks are now a reality!!!

German scientists have created a three-dimensional “invisibility cloak” that can hide objects by bending light waves! No kidding!! By using this class of materials called metamaterials, they were able to — in non meta-physic language — hide a small object underneath a carpet and then make both the bump and the carpet invisible! Isn’t that cool?! “This is very exciting, because mankind has always thought about being invisible or having invisibility cloaks. This is the first proof of principle. It shows that the technique works.”, added the scientists.

Don’t get too excited though! It will be LIGHT years (hihi) before you will find these magical cloaks on the market…

In the meantime, why not speculate?! If you were to have an invisibility cloak, where would be the first place you would go?! Mmmmm it’s a tough one… I’d go into the Habs locker room!!! hahaha Did I say that outloud?! hihi WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD DO WITH AN INVISIBILITY CLOAK?!?!

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In most divorces, it typically doesnโ€™t end well financially for the male, but this is one situation where the divorce came at just the right time financially!!

A British bus driver, depressed after finalising his divorce, decided to cheer himself up with a ticket for that night’s lottery. Well, he’s much luckier in games than in love cause HE WON!!! 2 million pounds!!! ยฃ2,302,668 to be exact! That’s just over 3.5million canadian dollars! Wowsers!!

Kevin Halstead, 50, was gobsmacked when his lucky numbers came up and could not believe that he could have been forced to hand half the loot to ex-wife Helen if the divorce had taken just a few days longer! Ex Helen is a good sport about it, saying: โ€œIt couldnโ€™t have happened to a nicer bloke. I wish him all the luck in the world โ€“ he deserves it.โ€ Mmmmmm I think she wants a little gift for being so nice!! There is no way you divorce someone, ring him in and then, when he wins the lottery THE NEXT DAY, you are all nice and dandy about it! No way!

Good for him! Karma maybe?

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I never thought I’d say this, but Heidi Montag is actually funny! Well, only when she laughs at herself, but hey–it takes a big girl to do just that and BIG she now is (her girls are DDs if I’m not mistaken)!!!

Collaborations are the hottest trend in Hollywood and the latest duo to jump on the band wagon together is reality star Heidi Montag & industry giant Ron Howard! SERIOUSLY!! How? Why? Well, we’ve all been Heidied out over the past few months with Montag’s endless stories of excessive plastic surgery — 11 surgeries in 11 hours to look like the next real life Barbie… absolutely crazy!! So, I guess it’s safe to assume that Heidi herself is a bit sick and tired about the tabloids’ attention (as if). That’s where Ron Howard stepped in to help her create this Funny or Die video poking some fun at her and her new self. I gotta say–she’s a real good sport about it! Check it out:

About working with famed director, writer, actor, and producer Ron Howard, Heidi had this to say: “He was even more incredible than I could have imagined — kind, generous, and made me feel so comfortable — he made me feel confident in my talent.” Her talent??? Is she still talking about her DDs…

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Posted on: March 8, 2010

Sandra Bullock — classy with a big C!! She is classiness embodied in the cutest lady ever!

What a weekend for her! Not only did she score big time at the Oscars for best actress in the movie Blind Side and accepted the award with a great speech, but she also scored big at the Razzies and was there to accept her Worst Actress award for All About Steve! That is awesome! The fact that she’s one of the only celebrities to ever show up to pick up her 5$ Golden Raspberry makes her, in my eyes, a class act!

Even better, she turned up dragging a cart full of All About Steve DVDs which she started handing out, accusing her critics of never having seen it. Check out her acceptance speech HERE!

Until now no actor had won the Razzie and an Oscar in the same year!! Go Sandra!!

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I seriously have issues with people making a fuss about this air traffic controller at JFK airport who brought his kid to work and let him help a little. “Experts” on the news tonight were saying how ridiculous and unprofessional it was to have let the kid talk to five planes (of the hundreds coming and going that day)–telling them they were ready for departure. They even went as far as comparing this to bringing your kid in the operating room and allowing him to help with sutures or help on the dentist table… SERIOUSLY??? I am sure the kid did not touch any buttons nor did he do the work to see if these flights were ready and secure to go… this kid only spoke words his dad obviously scripted from him. So loosen up people! It’s cute and, by the sound of it, the pilots and all people involved loved it! This kid was a little spot of sunshine in an otherwise hectic work day!

It bothers me that we can’t just smile at this… I grew up with a doctor as a father. My fondest memories are of our Sunday morning routines where I would get to wear my own little white jacket and stethoscope, clock him in, get the charts and then go see the patients to tell them to get ready, as Dr Sullivan was about to come in for their examination/check up. Never once was this seen as unprofessional or innapropriate. I even had nurses and patients at my dad’s funeral 20 years later telling me how special those Sundays were…

So loosen up is all I have to say… Can you believe that the father and a supervisor have now been put on leave?? Maybe I am too liberal in my thinking… too fond of the idea of bonding with one’s child in a way that is quite unique and valuable.

What do you think of this??


Do you want your bride to be a bit more “out of the box”? How about literally??!!

A Canadian branch of the Volga Girls mail-order bride service is now officially open, providing Canada-specific services to men looking for wives a bit more “out of the box” (up until now, you had to go through an American branch)!!!

But why, you ask?! Well, apparently, these foreign women are more traditional in a marriage… They still don’t mind not pursuing a career, starting a family and being a stay-at-home mother. The website’s main gallery lists more than 1,100 profiles from women in and around southwestern Russia who want just that! There are about 60 men now using the website worldwide, and apparently the site leads to 14 engagements per year!!!

What do you have to do to find this wife? Find a profile you like, pay a fee you to purchase her address, three to six months of emails, send her gifts and hope to win her affection! Then, a 14-day visit to Russia is required and voila! You have a wife! The process can take between nine months and one year and costs about $5,000, including flights, from initial correspondence to the day you slide the ring on the lady’s hand.

If you are wondering why all mail-order are mostly from Russia — well, women there outnumber men by 10 million!!! hahaha If you are unmarried by 26, you are labeled as an old maid!!! Ayayaille! Good thing I don’t live in Russia!

Need a out of the box wife, visit!

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It’s truly time to chance the expression It’s raining cats & dogs to It’s raining fish because, for the third time in less than 30 years, residents in a remote desert town of Australia have witnessed fish falling from the sky! No kidding!!!

Lajamanu, population of 669, is located 525km from the nearest river, so to be bombarded by hundreds of small white fish – many still alive – falling from rain clouds can truly be seen as a feast from the Gods!!! Weather experts, on the other hand, believe that the fish, spangled perch, were sucked up in a thunderstorm before being dumped over the tiny town. Either way, it’s pretty cool!

I would prefer if it were raining men, but hey! That’s just me ๐Ÿ˜‰

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