10 Most Shocking Grammy Moments!!

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are airing tomorrow (Sunday Jan 31) on CBS as of 7pm CT and, seriously, you do not want to miss out! Not only is Green Day going to perform with the whole ensemble of it's Broadway musical American Idiot , but Lady Gaga is rumoured to be performing with Elton... Continue Reading →

Eddie Vedder’s Springsteen cover

About a month ago, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder performed Bruce Springsteen's My City Of Ruins at the Kennedy Center Honors. It was BREATHTAKING!!! That live performance has just been released as a single and can be bought through Pearl Jam's Ten Club and at iTunes for 99 cents, with all proceeds going to Artists for... Continue Reading →

“Pants On The Ground” a rip off??

OMG -- this has to be the most ridiculous accusation ever, but what wouldn't people do for their 15sec of fame?!?! Remember that creepy old man, Larry Platt, on American Idol that sang the now viral hit "Pants On The Ground"?? Well, apparently the Green Brothers recorded and copyrighted a song back in 1996 called... Continue Reading →

Jackson’s kids — BEST ALLOWANCE EVER!

Michael Jackson's kids are getting the sweetest allowance ever! Paris, Prince and Blanket just got their allowance upped -- from $60,000! Really??? Apparently, the accounts guardian and lawyers underestimated their monthly expenses & requested the increase! What are they spending on!!! That's 20,000$ each a month!!! Can you imagine?! What happenned to working for your... Continue Reading →

Avatar… not number 1!!

Boxoffice is straightforward; you have this weekly Top 10 list of returns, you compare each movie to the other movies and voila!!! Yet one respect in which boxoffice reporting is pretty odd – it emphasizes ticket grosses yet rarely mentions ticket sales. That would be like always reporting how many ad dollars sold off "Lost"... Continue Reading →

iPad Parody!

Looks like I'm not the only one to have thought this way!! Check out Mad TV's 2006 sketch about the iPod... How relevant it is today!!! Sulli 😉


Seriously?! Apple could not come up with a better name for their new tablet?? iPad?!?! You gotta be kidding me! I am ready to bet that there was not one lady on the panel deciding what to name Apple's latest gadget... or if there was, it was the type of lady who hasn't heard of... Continue Reading →

Monopoly fever goes Canada wide!

Monopoly fever goes Canada wide as cities battle to earn their place on the new Monopoly Canada game board! If you remember the World Edition of Monopoly, Canada is the most represented country on the game with Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal making it on the board! Montreal even took top honours of being the most... Continue Reading →

Billboard Mistress

There is nothing like a woman scorned... well actually, let's try that again! There is nothing like a woman with money scorned! YaVaughnie Wilkins paid almost 50000$ times 4 to put up billboards of herself cuddling up to the married man she use to date... haha ouch! What is the worst thing you have done... Continue Reading →

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