Lifesize LEGO House!

How much time does this guy have on his hands?! Not only does this guy live in a house he completely made from LEGO, he also washes himself with a LEGO-made loofah and shaves with a LEGO razor. Love it! I'd try it for a night! Sulli 😉

Top Viral Videos of 2009

This is funny -- or maybe I am just so tired at this time in the morning that anything makes me laugh! Here's a compilation of the Top Viral Videos of 2009 according to Viral Video Film School! Enjoy! Sulli 😉

Twitter for ALL ages!

This granny is sure in touch with the new era! Complaining that talking with her daughter is too much effort cause "she talks too much", this granny found a new way to keep in touch... via Twitter! HOWEVER, she doesn't tweet via a computer or a cell phone, hell -- she tweets via a tricked... Continue Reading →

MGMT Does High-End Fashion?!

Check out the January issue of the fashion bible VOGUE to see quite a few musicians sharing page space with professional models while wearing products from some up-and-coming or well settled European designers! Musicians like who?! Up-and-comers themselves, for example, MGMT: Check out more of the shoot HERE! Gotta say, MGMT look good in Yves... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper…

... strike a pose! The ladies can be seen together in a new ad for MAC Makeup! I guess Gaga could be compared to a millenium version of Cyndi -- girls who just want to have fun! The bleached blonde singers are the new faces of MAC's Viva Glam Spring 2010 range, which is set... Continue Reading →


Now this is kind of yucky!!! The New York City Health Department has released an intentionally disgusting ad in an effort to keep people from drinking sugary drinks... The ad shows a man drinking a glass of what looks like fat!!! Lumpy yellowy-orange glop comes out of the soda can that he's just opened and... Continue Reading →

A Message From Santa

Wow! I wish I had had this technology growing up! I was excited watching this video message from Santa as an adult... imagine being a 5 year old child receiving it!!! has come up with a cool way to get kids in touch with Santa Claus. Through their "Portable North Pole" computer, parents can... Continue Reading →

Lions, Tigers & Bears?!?!

You saw it on and you're not sure if you should vote it GOOD or NOT GOOD cause you're not exactly sure what it's about?! Well, here is the story: Baloo the bear, Leo the Lion and Shere Khan the tiger formed the most unusual of friendships! Rescued as cubs 8 years ago during... Continue Reading →

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