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In what was an amazingly exciting last quarter, The Montreal Alouettes defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders 28-27 in the final seconds of the Grey Cup game last night! We had just missed a 2 point conversion, Duval had been having a horrible night (7 yard punt–really?!) and was up for the winning field goal… he sets it up, kicks and MISSED!!! NOOOOOOOO! That’s when we all notice the flags on the play… WHAT HAPPENNED?? The Riders had one too many men on the field!!! A 13th man!!! A 2nd chance for Duval!!! A 3 POINT WINNING FIELD GOAL!!! Woohoooooo!!!!

Whose fault was it? Don’t know β€” but if you’re an Als fan, let the mocking begin with this awesome t-shirt:


I was told most Riders fans can’t count to 12, so at least they can relate to the Riders coaching staff! hihihi (sorry–Montrealer here, I have to rub it in as much as I can!!) Here’s to you Riders fans:

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Wow–Mattel is really going nuts with this whole 50th anniversary of Barbie!!! First we had the new Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Barbie and now, we have the new Burka Barbie!

In her latest makeover, Barbie is dressed in a stylish vermilion head-to-toe burka with a mesh peep hole. She also shows off a similar lime burqa, as well as slightly less confining, traditional black hijab.

Actually, the Burka Barbie will not be sold worldwide… she is part of a 500-Barbie doll exhibition of international outfitted Barbies being auctioned by Sotheby’s to raise funds for Save The Children! The money will go towards the Rewrite the Future campaign which helps millions of children around the world effected by conflict.

Great idea!
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Parents beware, Zhu Zhu Pet madness is spreading!!! Looks like they are THE must have toy this year!

Holiday shoppers are going nuts over Zhu Zhu Pets, tiny robotic hamsters that seem to do little else besides drive tiny metallic cars and make cute noises!!! They are basically the real thing without the mess!


I gotts say, it’s a good idea! You don’t have to worry about feeding it, cleaning it or replacing it when it dies accidently!!!

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In case you did not know Bryan Adams has a side career as a fashion magazine photographer & has photographed the likes of Maggie Gyllenhall, Lindsay Lohen, Amy Winehouse, Cindy Crawford and so many more! So it comes to no surprise that he has photographed Pink! What does come to surprise is that Pink is topless in her shots!!!!! How did Bryan Adams get Pink to pose topless?? By dissing her shirt! As easy as that! lol

When asked how he got Pink to go topless, he answered: β€œI just said to her, ’I think that shirt isn’t great,’It was said very mildly said at the time: β€˜Maybe we should just try to find something else.’ And she said, β€˜Listen no one talks to me like that! Not even my husband!’ And off came the shirt.”

So, there you have it! Check out the pictures HERE!!

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I always wanted to be an awesome pool player! However, I don’t know about you, but I seem to only get “pool shark” status as I get a couple more drinks in me! lol It’s horrible to say, but so true! I’m sure I am not alone on this one; I think it’s a question of needing to concentrate more when the amount of alcohol in your blood stream increases, hence the better play!!! If only my parents had taught me to play pool as a kid….

… then maybe now, I’d be as good as this 2 year old pool shark:

Isn’t that nuts!!! See more of his talent HERE

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Wow–I guess this video is going around the net with the fact that it’s a typical Manitoba thing (or maybe an English Canada thing), so all my Quebec friends are sending it my way! I’ve never seen it and I think it is hilarious that you had little furry blue guys telling you not to put it in your mouth!!! So here is to you remembering your childhood!

HAHAHA Post a comment or send me a note — tell me what kind of memories it brings back!
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Ok.. so I guess being 1 month exactly before the holiday season, it makes it perfectly acceptable to start decorating your house, BUT PLEASE — as your neighbors, we have to look at your decorated house for the next month — keep these rules in mind!!

1) Stick to a theme. I know it all looks good, it’s hard to pick if you want to go with the creche or the reindeers, but Santa & Jesus are not a wedding social together, nor should be on your lawn!

2) If you start early, you end it early! After the first week of January, turn them off.

3) Inflatables. They are fun, original, easy to install — until they are half deflated and makes Frosty looks like he really melted away! Keep up with them!

4) Moderation! Need I say more… not only will it help your electricity bill, but the whole neighbourhood will thank you for not making them feel like they live in Reno or Time Square!!

This is what my house will look like (the one on the right):

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