Meat Hands

Looking for that goolish dish for your Halloween meal tonight?! Why not serve this: A hand shaped meatloaf! Brilliant! Looks dangerously good no?! Here is the RECIPE! Sulli 😉

He’s Fallen & He Can’t Get Up!!

Late last week, a VERY DRUNK guy walked into a convenience store and TRIED to buy some beer!! TRIED!! He really worked hard at it!! All I could think about while watching was "OMG! He's Fallen and he can't get up"--followed by a burst of laughter!! 10min of this guy TRYING to buy beer! Hilarious!... Continue Reading →

Charlize Kisses Woman…

... for charity! It was a last-minute prize she offered at the OneXOne gala when bidding stalled at 37,000$ for her 2010 trip to South Africa that included World Cup tickets, a safari and a meet-and-greet with Nelson Mandela. The actress told attendees, "For f*** sake! You can do better. There is no way I... Continue Reading →

Ahhhh Facebook!

We all know... we've all experienced it... within minutes of posting your relationship status on Facebook, 20 people comment on the change!!! Is that a good thing??? Gotta wonder!!! This HILARIOUS video shows just how bad Facebook can be on a relationship! haha too funny... and too true! Careful with what you post next! Sulli... Continue Reading →

New Weezer Video

Weezer is known for its eccentric videos and this new one for their I Want You To single is no different!! The clip, shot by 500 Days Of Summer director Marc Webb, takes place in the town of Weezerville -- where all the residents look suspiciously like members of the band. All goes haywire when... Continue Reading →

Rudolph Pork Chop??

A North Carolina lady is pretty excited about finding Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in her pork chop! Check it out: Some say the meat actually resembles the antler-wearing dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I think it looks like Goofy!! What do you think it looks like? Knowing that the grilled cheese sandwich... Continue Reading →

Worst Doll Ever!

OMG! Sometimes you gotta wonder what people were on when they think of the next big toy! The inventers behind this were surely high on something!!! WORST DOLL EVER!!! You Can Shave The Baby doll??? WTF??? Babies don't even have hair!!! Sulli 😉

Actual School Answering Machine!

All you teachers will truly appreciate! This is the actual recording of a school answering machine in Australia. The staff actually voted for this! Hilarious!! Thank you for choosing public education!!! Sulli 😉

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