I Got A Feeling!

I've only been away from Montreal 3 weeks, so I still tend to check what's up in that part of the world! Last night, I found this video & thought you could definitely appreciate!!! This LipDub was created with the help of 172 communication students during Frosh week of one of Montreal's French universities (UQAM).... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga before going Gaga!!!!

This is Stefani Germanotta before she went all Lady Gaga on us! The video was taken in 2006 and actually shows a side of the now mega-(weird)-star that I kind of like. I wish she would have stayed this way! What do you think?? Do you prefer Stefani Germanotta or Lady Gaga??

Poor kitty cat + Go Mickey Go!

I don’t like cats… I’ve also developed this allergy to cat saliva in the last years, so I definitely don’t like cats! HOWEVER, even I feel bad for this cat... Nuts—I really don’t understand 1) how you can be sick enough to do this, but 2) how the hell was the cat still enough to... Continue Reading →

Indie Fans Rejoice!

Don’t need to be a Twilight fan to enjoy this New Moon update. On her Web site, author Stephenie Meyer revealed the names of artists and song titles that will be included in the soundtrack of New Moon. To be released Oct 20, the album will include: Death Cab for Cutie - Meet Me On... Continue Reading →

Go Habs Go!

Ok... I am from Montreal and I worked for them, but I have ALWAYS been a Habs fan! HABS FAN TO THE CORE, I tell ya! I also know that I am not alone, as I have only been here 2 weeks and already I have shared my love for the bleu, blanc, rouge with... Continue Reading →

Bowling Anyone?!!

What started out as a full-blown drug raid in a Florida home, turned into an intense bowling tournament, when 20min after raiding a home, officers got a Wii bit distracted... literally! I am hesitant to think that this is a real video, as the hidden camera is just too well located and actually zooms in,... Continue Reading →

Simpsonize me!

How awesome: Sacha Baron Cohen will be lending his voice to an upcoming episode of "The Simpsons", airing sometime in March. I'm sure he is going to look wacky as a Simpson! Which made me think... what would I look like as a Simpson?!?! I found this cool site called Simpsonize me where you just... Continue Reading →

Lady goes Gaga!

There are costume changes AND there are COSTUME CHANGES!! Lady Gaga went nuts at the VMAs with a total of 5 different outfits, all worst than the other... Judge for yourself! Entering the VMAs looking like an old lady: During her performance of Paparazzi, she stabbed and hung herself(!): Her all-over lace creation! Can you... Continue Reading →


Even I can growl at Katy Perry's HOTNESS on the red carpet of the VMAs! Seriously, she is known for all her wacky outfits -- which I admit to loving -- but this is just WOW!!! God! I want those legs! Kim

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