Forget Twitter; Welcome Woofer!

This is for anyone who has ever complained that Twitter only allows for 140 characters per tweet: WOOFER! After the era of microblogging, here's macroblogging! Contrarily to Twitter, Woofer requires each post to have a minimum of 1400 characters!!!! hahaha It's hilarious! The website is an exact carbon copy of Twitter with the "What are... Continue Reading →


Susan Boyle... Leona Lewis... who?! I think the best contestant to ever come off Britain's version of American Idol , the X-Factor has yet to come AND SIMON COWELL AGREES!!! No kidding, if this guy decided to quit the show now (after this first audition) and release an album, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!... Continue Reading →

NYC’s Pet Fashion Week!

What's the pet fashion industry barking about right now? New York City's Pet Fashion Week, of course! This past weekend, animal lovers descended upon the Big Apple to find out about trends in pet gear and share ideas about grooming, caretaking and more. People Magazine sent in their Pets intern, Aaron Eisenberg. Yep--pets intern!!!!! This... Continue Reading →

Bust of Jacko?!

It's been at the Chicago Field Museum since 1988, but only recently has this 3000 year old limestone Egyptian bust has started drawing attention. Why?! Isn't it obvious?!?! It's the dead ringer for Micheal Jackson's face! It even has the disfigured nose!!!!! Unfortunately the bust, which was carved sometime between 1550 B.C. and 1050 B.C.,... Continue Reading →

Is She a Man??

This is one of MANY photos that are having people wonder if Lady Gaga is really a man...can you see the bulge?! When asked to wade into the ongoing debate, Katy Perry thought that Lady Gaga had planned the whole thing, saying "It's all very calculated." I personaly would not be surprised that Lady Gaga... Continue Reading →

Ahhhh Celine!

Everybody is talking about it: Celine is pregnant again!!! All the news outlets are picking up the story even though she's apparently only A COUPLE DAYS pregnant!!!! DAYS!!!!! That's nuts! I've never been a big Celine fan, but a listener sent this to me and I thought that, with all the Celine buzz at the... Continue Reading →

Brangelina’s TMI!

In a nice interview with Parade magazine, Brad dodged break-up rumours by saying that he had found his "soulmate" in Angelina. Ahhhhhh! He continues by saying how they will get married once it's legal for all to marry & that having kids together is a bigger commitment than marriage (he would also have no problem... Continue Reading →

Pretty Sweet!!!

I know... I know... I'm on vacation! BUT I saw this and just had to share! If you are interested in art, how incredible is this -- thanks to technology, a new Van Gogh painting was discovered UNDERNEATH his famous Patch of Grass painting. I guess it should not come as a surprise that painters... Continue Reading →

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